Rumor about SuperChargers in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara

Rumor about SuperChargers in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara

Anyone else hear about the possibility of an announcement regarding new superchargers in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara? Seems like it would be hard to keep this work done in secret.

dougcarlisle | July 2, 2013

It certainly seems like a logical place to put them... on the 101 corridor. Hopefully by year end we can drive from Bay area to Santa Barbara.

dortor | July 2, 2013

Superchargers are confirmed in Atascadero & Buellton - their locations are marked on the map above - there is no evidence that there are any plans for Superchargers in San Luis Obispo or Santa Barbra - the two super chargers in Atascadero & Buellton will cover most of the charging needs from LA to SF (via Gilroy)

there is another SC planned for oxnard - but it's location and start date are unconfirmed at this time.

petero | July 2, 2013

We would absolutely love a supercharger station in Santa Barbara, we prefer the coastal route, 101, to the inland route. Besides, few hotels are geared for charging and I hardly consider 110 charging.

petero | July 2, 2013

P.S. I feel guilty for wanting a supercharger in SLO or Santa Barbara. There are so many markets that have none and we CA have so many.

Sorry for be greedy.

SamO | July 2, 2013


We are getting chargers because we buy the highest concentration of Model S's.

If middle America buys the car, Elon will build the Supercharging.

SamO | July 2, 2013

Norway and Sweden will get the first Superchargers in Europe, not because they are the most populous, but because they'll buy the most cars.

Earl and Nagin ... | July 2, 2013

SLO and SB are bad places for Superchargers. There are too many people living there that would end up using them so much that travelers couldn't get to them. Instead, the Superchargers are going into Buellton (just north of SB), and Atascadero (just north of SLO).
I heard an eye witness report today that the Atascadero ones look almost completed at the Rabobank.

petero | July 2, 2013

SamoSam. Thanks, I get it. "Field of Dreams," if you buy it, they will come.

ichong | July 2, 2013

SC's in Atascadero, Buelton and Oxnard will be great. Tesla's announced an upcoming store in Santa Barbara so I think it should be possible to charge there at 70-80A. Not SC speed, but still better than regular public charging stations.

Anyone know when the Santa Barbara Tesla store opens?