Run flat tires

Run flat tires

Anybody consider run flat tires since there is no spare?
Shouldn't it be offered as an option?

olanmills | December 20, 2012

Run flat tire? How about a no flat never ever ever tire? Who wants a run flat tire when you can have this!

Brian H | December 20, 2012

Wonder what the air resistance/drag of those is.

olanmills | December 21, 2012

You can always add some sidewalls to those tires. It would probably help with adoption if they looked just like regular tires on the outside.

Timo | December 21, 2012

What I have read about those is that they don't last long. Kind of fragile and I certainly wouldn't want to drive in snow with those. Tech is not quite ready yet.

Some sort of hybrid of that & normal to prevent total failure in case of getting catastrophic hole in mid of freeway probably could be useful.

pilotSteve | December 21, 2012

Had run flats as OEM on my BMW. Hated them (noisy, rough ride, short tread life). Replaced with non-runflats. Life was better.

So I am happy that Tesla chose no spare and non-runflat tires. Just my experieince.