Russia localization and engine choices for Model X

Russia localization and engine choices for Model X

Just recently, a decision has been made to stimulate Russian people to purchase electric vehicles outside the country and import them without any customs duties. The validity period for duty free import is from february 1st, 2014 till december 31st, 2015. Normally people would pay at least around 48% of new vehicle cost in customs duties alone.
This is a big change, and probably will stimulate a lot of vehicle orders from Tesla, especially Model X due to high ground clearance. However, in Russia there is a yearly transportation tax which every vehicle owner pays based on engine horsepower. The transportation tax increases dramatically (doubles) once engine horsepower is over 250hp.
I am wondering if there will be a Russian localization of the vehicle interface (most important navigation) and will there be an engine option in the range of 240hp or so.
If such option is available, then I believe Tesla products will be very popular in Russia, at least during this time frame.

Brian H | December 27, 2013

Doubt it. The battery and motor are what they are, and an underpowered MS or MX is not a product Tesla cares to make. It can't keep up with demand as it is. Why cater to a low-power market?

DTsea | January 4, 2014

Brian I think he means to haves the screen interface in the Russian language with Cyrillic characters. Doesn't seem like that would be very difficult.

There are a lot of rich guys in Russia.

Car t man | January 5, 2014

Brian, you're wrong there.

On an electric car, the power is whatever you set it is, provided it is downwards from peak power the drive train can handle. They can make it a 10kw car with clicks of a button. I am certain they will make sure versions have exactly a few kw less than those limits.

Don't you think a company that goes into battery swapping for eco credit points, would use something that easy and logical to further its sales?