Loving my S85. Picked her up on 12/23 and 7500 miles later I'm finding new reasons every day to enjoy her.

Like yesterday, when I was driving with my son and he asked "What does the S stand for?", and I had absolutely no reply.

Sport? Sedan? Supercharger? Spaceship? | May 10, 2015

S = 19th letter in the alphabet :)

garygid | May 10, 2015

S follows R for Roadster, perhaps S for Sedan?

bish | May 10, 2015

S for sedan.

X for crossover.

jordanrichard | May 10, 2015

Though I agree with the logic of R= Roadster S= Sedan and X= crossover, what then does Model 3 mean. It's technically it will be the 4th model.

gregmorchower | May 10, 2015

The Model 3 is the third platform, as Model S and X are based on the same platform.

carlk | May 10, 2015

@jordanrichard It was meant to be model E to complete the Models S E X series. Elon was forced to change it to Model 3 when Ford copyrighted that designation but he still was able to find a clever way to write the 3 to make it look like an E.

cquail | May 10, 2015

S=Standard The standard set for all electric cars henceforth. Simply Stated.

bobrobert | May 10, 2015

The Model 3 could be homage to Nikola Tesla's obsession with the numbers 3, 6, & 9 as keys to the universe. I'm unsure whether we need a key - we're already inside the thing - unless surviving Heavens Gate devotees still believe there's something better to escape to. Anyway, soon as we have the key that kid down the street will take the universe out for a joyride.

I found the policy of giving Tesla vehicles those anonymous monikers of Model R, S, X, & 3 unsatisfying until the company provided the hint of suggesting that we each name our cars ourselves. Oh, ok, rather than the car meaning whatever the manufacturer calls it, we should each recognize what it means to us (or want it to mean) and christen it appropriately. Great - where do I order the custom chrome to replace the 'S85' on the tail with my 'Ionia?'

jordanrichard | May 10, 2015

This is umpteenth time I have heard the whole Ford stop Tesla from using E. That didn't stop Mercedes from adopting "E-Class" in 1996. Most Mercedes sold, all have the letter E, E320, E430, E500 E350, etc.

So I am not really buying this explanation.

sperrysburg | May 10, 2015

@jordanrichard - the problem is not a trademark issue with the letter E but the entire "Model E" name. There is an article in Fortune's online site that explains it.

Anthony J. Parisio | May 10, 2015

I agree with cquail. S stands for the standard by wich all other cars are to be judged.

David Trushin | May 10, 2015

S because T was already taken. The model T revolutionized the car industry by making it possible for, well, a worker in Ford's factory to buy a car. The model S will do the same for EVs by proving in the EV concept.

Anthony J. Parisio | May 10, 2015

Sorry for typo. wich=which. In all honesty I believe David Trushin is the most correct. However the Model S is the standard by which all other cars are to be judged.

Captain_Zap | May 10, 2015

It has more than one meaning. It stands for "sedan", plus Elon said it was a hat tip to the Model T. It is the beginning of a new era in personal transportation.

Andrew_OH_70D | May 11, 2015


Haggy | May 11, 2015

3 stands for 3conomy. It's also the third car Tesla is making named "Model [something or other]."

Some manufacturers want to give cars names like Ambassador or Challenger, while others want to use a part number. Some companies like to make up names that mean nothing. Tesla is of the part number school of thought.

David Trushin | May 11, 2015

Actually model 3 stands for 3economy. The 3 is silent.

Brian H | May 12, 2015

Mercedes has much deeper pockets for a trademark fight than Tesla. Not worth the candle.

Red Sage ca us | May 23, 2015

S≡X, ECHO, 'E'...