Sacramento region solar

Sacramento region solar

I'm curious if you had solar installed recently (or in the process) in the Sacramento region, how long did the process took ?

I started in late July and I still have no date on when the installation will be performed. (site survey was complete in mid august)

spockagain34 | October 12, 2018

After the site survey a lot of it depends on City and Utility approval. We're in the Bay area and we started the process around the same time, and just got permission to operate the system a few days ago. We were told that our City permit and approval happened very quickly. Once those permits come in, actual installation is pretty fast, and then you'll have to wait again for the City and Utility. So hang tight, it'll all come together in the end!

sschaem | October 12, 2018

Thank you for that information.

To clarify , your system is already installed and recently operational ?

If so, how long from the time your had your site survey and the time installation took place ?

BTW, I dont mind waiting. But it seem something is not right...

spockagain34 | October 14, 2018

Yep, we've just been operational for almost 2 weeks now. We had our site survey on August 12th. Installation was done on September 19th, and we were given permission to operate on October 3rd.

You should be able to see where they are at in the process on your account page. If it's waiting on the city permits or permission from the utility, there is just no telling for sure how long either of them will take to process their steps. In my case (and I understand this is one singe case) whenever the ball was in Tesla's court they were very quick to move on to the next step. All of the hang ups came from the city or the utility.

Hope this is helpful! Good luck!

sschaem | October 16, 2018

Thank you, this does indeed help.

I'm in the "installation (In progress)" stage.

sschaem | October 18, 2018

Update : I now have a clear schedule for installation in early November.

It might not be much, but it does bring me some peace of mind to have a set schedule.

spockagain34 | October 19, 2018

Awesome, congratulations! I know what you mean, it certainly does help to have dates on a calendar. Good luck with the install and the rest of the approval processes!

grclopton | November 7, 2018

I'm in Washington, not California, but we had a significant delay from approval to installation. First, there was backlog on installations, then they said they were doubling their crew. After that, there was a backlog of panels. As it turned out, we were scheduled for a Nov. 13 install, but they ended up doing it on Nov. 1. Now waiting for the PUD to bring the new meter so we can turn it on.

sschaem | November 7, 2018

grclopton , when did you start the process ?

Update on my end:

I was told that my installation dates are now canceled, and I was not given any new one.
My 3 day installation was supposed to be completed tomorrow...

sschaem | November 16, 2018

Update... now I'm told december to start my install.

At this stage, after 5 month, I give up and I'm going to request a full a full refund (already paid $36k) and if they cant install this month I will just cancel and go with another company.

In the end Tesla use third party panels, third party inverters, and third party electrician. So if their service it total crap, why pay a massive premium.

sschaem | February 4, 2019

Update... My system is still not turned on as of Feb 2019.

Now, even so my system is just a roof anchor its also miss behaving, cutting my main power.
I have to cycle the breaker to restore power to my home.

So in January I was wondering where I was at, called my utility company.. they told me they requested documents from Tesla in NOVEMBER 2018, that they never received as of January 2019
Called Tesla... boom document send the same day.

I'm starting to HATE this company with a passion.

sschaem | February 21, 2019

Update, just got my PTO from PGE.

It took Tesla over 6 month to do my solar installation after the first site survey was completed.

I'm glad its finally done. And so far it seem to operate within specs.