Sad Tesla Face

Sad Tesla Face

Saw my first Tesla in an accident, it was at a local body shop here in New Jersey parking lot. I drove by and thought it was a Tesla but wasn't sure as I hadn't seen many on the road in my town yet. I pulled over and walked around the back of the car as the front had been totally destroyed and lo and behold it was the Tesla Model S - no mistaking from the interior/rear of the car. I almost cried, poor Tesla had been smacked in the front pretty good - no headlights, no front grill, nada - how much do you think it will cost the owner to replace the entire front of that car?

uselesslogin | July 3, 2013

Well less money than if someone had lost the front of an ICE with the engine and radiator and all that stuff up there.

Docrob | July 3, 2013

Am I missing something? Everyone's asking how much more a crash will cost because its a Tesla, does motor vehicle insurance work differently in the US? do you not just pay the same excess regardless of the degree of damage and insurance sorts the rest?

Theresa | July 3, 2013

Insurance works the same but I think orangeman was just commenting on the total damage cost for the repair, not the out of pocket the owner has to pay.

el-marty | July 3, 2013

Ok, the engine may not exist so it can't be damaged.
Did it look like the battery pack was affected? If so, it's probably a substantial cost even to repair.

GLO | July 3, 2013

I saw a Model S the other day at the Folson Supercharge. Front side mirror was duck taped together and the car was a filthy mess. Had to hold back tears at the condition of that beautiful car!