For Sale

For Sale

I am moving to the east coast and unfortunately will not be taking my Tesla Model X along with me.

2018 Model X 7D For Sale
Mileage: 7,874
Autopilot Enhanced
Upgraded Black 20" Wheels

In perfect running condition and still under factory warranty.


text / call: (980) 254- 1592


ron.w.weathers | October 31, 2019

2018 Model X 75 D for Sale $ 78,495

jimglas | October 31, 2019

you can buy a new LR for about that much

Vawlkus | November 1, 2019

What’s the problem with taking it with you?

Bighorn | November 1, 2019

Brand new Raven with significant improvements in range, charging, suspension, battery management and new motor with 100kWh battery is $84,900

niduj | November 3, 2019

Using ‘Your Texas Benefits’ you can apply for state-funded benefits such as SNAP (formerly known as Food Stamps), TANF and Medicaid and much more.

raffidesigns | November 3, 2019

There a difference between $84,000 and $78,000. Plus there are plenty of 75D on Tesla's used page for $77K. Some less. I have to agree with the OP price. Also this is for someone who doesn't need the extra of the long range. Essentially the long range is the same price as the 75D.

CatTrax | November 3, 2019

IMHO . . . doesn't matter what the asking price is. That will be driven at the end of the day by the marketplace by way of negotiation and not on this forum. @raffi makes an excellent point . . . this is an ideal car for someone living in a metro area for commuting to work. There are two very strong pluses to this car . . . first of all, it's a low mileage car. Second, if Ron is the original owner . . . the car has a pedigree that can be traced and confirmed by a prospective buyer. Although I purchased my MX (LR) new . . . this is not my normal script. Typically I purchase a lightly used car with low miles from the original owner and let him/her take the depreciation hit. This could make for a perfect car for someone that doesn't need extended range. Best of success, Ron!!

Bighorn | November 3, 2019

Agree to disagree. It’s on the wrong side of a recent major upgrade, and I failed to mention the tax credit if we’re going to pencil it out. Used pricing used to be pretty straightforward—discount $1000/month and a dollar per mile. With a new, better model with a price cut in the mix, it’s a lot tougher to value. Not trying to derail a sale as this thread can easily be refreshed and the likelihood of finding a buyer here is pretty remote. TMC or will get a much bigger audience. It’ll take a dash of ignorance to close this sale, so classifieds/Craigslist might be another good venue.

CatTrax | November 3, 2019

We probably all need to "back off" and let the guy use every medium possible to sell his car. The invisible hand of the marketplace is extremely effective at establishing a value for something that is used . . . including a pre-owned 2018 MX70. Asking prices are totally meaningless. That being said, 'ya gotta love owning and driving a new MX Raven . . . what a trip!!

jimglas | November 4, 2019

In CO we still get a $5k state tax credit. With all the other points, that price is a loser