San Antonio Model S drivers?

San Antonio Model S drivers?

My shipment date is August 7. I've heard of 4, maybe 5 other MSes in the San Antonio area. Would love to meet. Anybody up for that, and anybody have a better idea of how many Model Ses there are in the area?

Cattledog | July 18, 2013

jie - I would assume by now there are 4 or 5 dozen. Would love to meet, there's a good crew of folks I've met here. Perhaps a week from Saturday, on July 27th. I've tried in the past top get the folks at the Pearl Brewery to cone of a few spots for us to show off the fleet. Convenient for me as I live in Monte Vista, and there's always tons of people there Saturday mornings for the farmer's market. Could either do breakfast or lunch and then hang by the cars for a couple hours and sell a few (since we're the deputized salespeople in Texas). I'll call them tomorrow and see if there's a chance for a mini Tesla show.

Dorrie | July 18, 2013

Thanks Cattle. I'm all for it, though I don't actually get mine for another 3 weeks. Would much rather show up with the car...

Cattledog | July 18, 2013

OK, no rush, maybe mid/late August. You'll probably fall off the first page of the general forums with a city specific post, might want to post in Texas section.

hillcountryfun | July 18, 2013

Friends from Kerrville would probably join...let us know when you get it scheduled.

Brian H | July 18, 2013

You could always show up on foot and do your famous "Fred Flintstone in a Tesla" imitation! ;D

Dorrie | July 19, 2013

How/where do I find the Texas section?

cgiGuy | July 19, 2013

Make sure you're logged in. Then under the forums home page there is a "Clubs" section. You'll find Texas there.

I'm in SA, as well.

hillcountryfun | July 19, 2013

cgiGuy, do you have to be an owner to see the clubs section?

cgiGuy | July 21, 2013

You have to be an owner or have paid the deposit. If you're either of these and still can't see it, you'll need to make a call to customer service to have them give you access.

Alex K | July 21, 2013

To gain access to the private threads and the Clubs section you can also email and ask to have access enabled.