Saw First Model S on route 87 near Raleigh

Saw First Model S on route 87 near Raleigh

It was lovely to see a black Model S for the first time in the area. I just finalized mine the other day. Good to know there are others in the area.

Also Tesla sales person in Washington told me we may get a service center here in Raleigh, NC. Any one heard about that?

Velo1 | December 18, 2012

Needs to be Wolfpack Red!

dflye | December 18, 2012

Service center is supposedly going to open in the spring, but haven't heard specific date / location in the area.

Might be up in the double-digit numbers in the Triangle by now, there were at least 2 others for Raleigh on the truck mine was on in mid November.

If you see a red S in the Brier Creek / Leesville area with the plate "GOT AMPD", that'd be me. ;)

rterry | December 19, 2012

I would LOVE Wolfpack Red!! Go Pack!

Anonymous | December 19, 2012


I also live in Brier Creek and have a black S 85 on order.

rterry | December 19, 2012

You will see my silver P 85 hanging out at Carter Finley and the PNC.

Velo1 | December 19, 2012

@rterry. What class were you? I was '77 (BS) and '80 (MS).

rterry | December 20, 2012

Velo1, we were classmates! '77 BSChE