Scheduled Charging Suggestion

Scheduled Charging Suggestion

I recently got scheduled charging from upgrading to 4.3. Works great but my TOU rates is from 9PM to 12 Noon. Normally I would schedule my charging to start at 9:10 PM. According to the release notes, charging will start anytime after 9:10 PM for 6 hours.

Wouldn't it be better to have a charging range? Ex. My range would be 9:10 PM to 11:50 AM. And if I wanted to charge outside that range, I could manually turn it on like how it is now. This would allow a larger window that we could charge and everyone's time would be different.

The way it is now, if I forgot to plug in, had a wild night, or simply came home too late, then charging wouldn't start unless I manually started it. Having a range would help us all skip an extra step.

Any thoughts?

skulleyb | April 13, 2013

Good idea! Also add days of the weekend because weekends are off peak too for most.

skulleyb | April 13, 2013

Weekend = week

Brian H | April 13, 2013

Schedule the charging to routinely start at 1 a.m. | April 13, 2013

Actually it's already implemented. If you plug in up to 6 hours after your start time, it will start charging immediately. If after the 6 hour window, you can still easily start the charging manually at the charge screen.

eddygorsuch | April 13, 2013

My wife's Volt got the scheduled charging feature just right. It lets you enter the TOU schedule for summer/winter, weekday/weekend, expected departure times, and which schedules are acceptable for charging. Its features fit perfectly with the PG&E TOU plans. Any time we are on the cheapest time period is when it does its charging.

The Tesla delayed start of charging seems very poor in comparison, though tying it to the GPS location sounds like a good feature that isn't there on the Volt.

agiangone | April 13, 2013

I agree with the day of the week feature.
Also, the APP does not allow to start charging when there is a scheduled charge waiting. One must get in the car to override the scheduled charge. Am I wrong on that?

ramonacosta | April 13, 2013
dstiavnicky | April 15, 2013

I would like to set the end time instead of the start time.
That way...

a) I have a fuller charge when I drive away (no loss while waiting)

b) The battery would be warm on cold mornings. (less loss and more power when I go)

Let the car figure it out based on the same plug / meter / garage it's in every day.