Scraped Rims

Scraped Rims

I scraped my rims on the curb. Anyone know the best way to fix them or best place to do so in South Jersey?

stingray.don | December 27, 2019
raqball | December 27, 2019

I had a wheel that was curb rashed. Took it to Wheel Dr in Portland and they fixed it up good as new. Was $150 if I remember correctly.

Joe M | December 27, 2019

If it’s an 18” Aero a new one is cheap. Less than $250 from Tesla

mike | December 27, 2019

Hi have a 2019 with 19 inch rims:

Dupli-Color AFM0360 Dark Shadow Gray Ford Exact-Match Scratch Fix All-in-1 Touch-Up Paint - 0.5 oz.

Is this a good color match for rim rash?

FISHEV | December 27, 2019

$100 to get them fixed on the Left coast. Per wheel with some big chunks.

fearghus1 | December 27, 2019

I scratched mine within 2 hours of my car delivery:)

It ranges from $80 to $200 a wheel. Just google for wheel repairs and you will find tons of places. Tesla doesn’t fix it, it they offered to outsource to a guy they know at $150/wheel.

Wormtown Kris | December 27, 2019

@mike: That's an exact match for 18" Aeros. I assume, but don't know for certain that it will match your 19s. I just sanded them out with my recip tool. Obviously the shape/texture of the edges will be off but you can't see it when they're repainted.
(This is our 2nd winter- this year my wife gifted me TWO curbed wheels to clean up while the snow tires are on the car!)

mike | December 27, 2019

Thanks Wormtown,

Can anyone with 19's verify the color match or 19's?