Screen Protector Distortion of Tesla Screen?

Screen Protector Distortion of Tesla Screen?

So, for Christmas my wife got me a TOPLight Tempered Glass screen protector for my Model 3 (see below). I got it installed this morning and it looks really good. However, when I went out this afternoon, I put on my polarized sun glasses (clip-ons), and noticed a "rainbow" across the screen. Attached is a photo I took through my sun glasses to show what it looked like. When I removed my sun glasses, the screen was perfect, with no colorizing or distortion at all. Has anyone else had this same problem with their screen protectors? If so - - what did you do? Seems the 3 options are: 1) live with it; 2) remove the protector and risk damaging the glass screen; or 3)stop using polarized sun glasses. Any ideas or suggestions?

gmr6415 | December 28, 2019

Pick any one of the three. It's an aftermarket product. When you modify you get modification. That said, I'm very happy with the screen protector that I purchased.

lbowroom | December 28, 2019

How do you imagine the screen being damaged?

markr7 | December 28, 2019

The TOPLight protector is a $16 screen protector.
I would appreciate the gesture from your wife, then I would remove it & purchase one of the ones from Abstract Ocean as mentioned above.

Lonestar10_1999 | December 28, 2019

To markr7’s point, you can reciprocate the gesture to your wife with a beautiful set of cubic zirconia earrings. Then treat yourself to the authentic Abstract Ocean product.

rehutton777 | December 28, 2019

@lbowroom: Good question! In 8 months of use without a protector, I have seen nothing to suggest the screen as is would be subject to damage. However, I would guess that someone at some point thought it possible, otherwise the "screen protector" wouldn't be used by so many people. It was a very nice gesture on my wife's part, and she had no idea the less expensive screen would have this "fatal flaw".

Magic 8 Ball | December 28, 2019

Our car was delivered with a protective film on the screen. When I first started here some did not realize that and were amazed that all the flaws they observed went away magically when they peeled the film off.

CharleyBC | December 28, 2019

When I took a chemical glass blowing class in college, we used a polarized lens to see invisible stress in the glass. It looked like your photo.

Our car was delivered with a screen protector in place, which I only realized because I notice one tiny bubble. That’s been plenty for us. Frankly, if it ever gets old and peels off, I’ll probably just leave it. Touch screens are usually made with very hard glass, and I don’t see much threat of scratches from finger tips.

If it were me, I’d thank my wife for the very thoughtful gift and see whether she’d mind if I exchanged it for something else.

gmr6415 | December 28, 2019

@lbowroom, Romance mode. :-)