Screen Sleep or Off Mode ?

Screen Sleep or Off Mode ?

Driving the P85 for a month and 2K+ smiling miles. Only one thing continues to perplex me... Other cars have allowed the display to auto-dim or go off, resuming with a touch. Is this not possible Tesla ? The capabilities are awesome, but especiallly at night, the screen is rather distracting in the periphery of vision. For some, the "fiddle-factor" could be a real safety concern. For the "Safest Car in America" I would think this might be seriously considered.

PaceyWhitter | September 11, 2013

In 5.0 they introduce a screen cleaning mode. The relaese notes say:

To facilitate touchscreen cleaning, there is now a "Screen Cleaning Mode" which will block any touch interactions from inadvertently activating buttons and charging settings during cleaning and will darken the screen so it's easier to see any dust or smudges on the screen. To use this go to Controls>Displays.

While this wasn't created for wht you want it sounds like it will work for your purpose.

Anonymous | September 11, 2013

or you can bookmark this site: and use it when you want a blank screen

brink0423 | September 11, 2013

How hard could this be for Tesla software engineers?

Brian H | September 11, 2013

I hear there are about 9 of them. It's #2,637 on their list of priorities.

mikefa | September 11, 2013

i think you can easily set the right thumb wheel on the steering wheel to adjust the screen brightness to 0%.

mkh1437 | September 12, 2013

Yes, but even 0% is still pretty bright at night. Also, even if you use the teslatap dark screen, the screen is still not DARK. Another use case for this is if you are at a drive-in movie (yes, we still have one around here). If I'm sitting in the car, I don't want the huge bright screen distracting me and wasting battery. I don't want to shut the car OFF, because I want to use the radio to listen to the broadcast movie audio. But I just want the screen to be off.

DTsea | September 12, 2013

you are using display mode for night, right? Background is dark?

jrawles | March 23, 2016

I've had my s for less than a week and I will be doing my first road trip in a week. I anticipate wanting a blank screen while driving at night. I'll see how it goes.

NKYTA | March 23, 2016

You are responding to apost from 2013 @jrawles. Things have changed.

jordanrichard | March 24, 2016

As NKYTA said, things have changed and as recently as the last update 7.1. The dash lighting now can be set to automatically adjust to varying lighting conditions, versus just Day and Night mode.

However if you do want the center screen blacked out, just put it in Clean Mode.