SD Backup Camera...Fact or Fiction?

SD Backup Camera...Fact or Fiction?

My Model S doesn't have the tech package and, by default, shouldn't have the HD backup camera (based on my March configuration). My backup camera looks pretty damn good so I can't imagine "HD" being much better. Even Tesla technicians have told me they can't tell the difference.
Has anyone actually confirmed there are two different backup cameras out there? Done a direct comparison? So far, it's been like searching for theYeti for me.

HenryT2 | August 10, 2013

I got a P85 with tech package as a loaner and I noticed the clearer image right away. I wasn't even looking for it, but as soon as I put it into reverse, it was obvious to me. But the regular camera looks fine as well. Just with the HD, details looked clearer.

I have a bucket with washing supplies in the corner behind my car. With the HD camera, I could make out the letters on some of the bottles, with the non-HD, I can't.

Not sure how much that's worth, and there might not be a difference anymore. I don't see it mentioned on the list of tech package upgrades so all models might have the HD camera now.

ChasF | August 10, 2013

Finally! An answer! Thanks HenryT2.

dborn | August 10, 2013

Hd camera and xenon headlights are now standard.