SDG&E Incentive

SDG&E Incentive

This may be old news, but San Diego Gas & Electric offers a break for EV owners. How much of a break I don't know, but anything's better than nothing. Here's the page for it:

stevenmaifert | June 24, 2013

If you are a heavy daytime user and don't have solar to offset it, this isn't such a good deal. They increase your daytime rate in exchange for a lower nighttime rate.

shop | June 24, 2013

Yeah, but for most people, it's a great deal. It is consistently saving me 38% on my electric bill. If you have most of your bill in tier 4 rates, then this should save you a lot of money.

Xerogas | June 24, 2013

Agreed -- I switched to EV-TOU2 before I got my Tesla, and my bill went from $200 to $140 because I was running my pool pump after midnight. I was tipping the scales near the top of Tier 4 (no PV panels)

I haven't had a full month of Teslectricity usage yet, but so far it's looking like it will help a lot during most of the year. Not looking forward to those nasty daytime rates when I have to run the A/C though :(

Brian H | June 24, 2013

Make a bunch of redneck coolers; styro boxes with bottles of ice inside, a fan forcing air in and an elbow outlet to direct the cool air! Freeze bottles every night with cheap power, just run the fans during daytime. >:)

brewdr | June 25, 2013

I found the best way to get around the EV-TOU2 and Tier 4 dilemma was a 2nd meter. For about $800 bucks I installed a 2nd meter that is only for the car and only used between midnight and 5am. The rest of the house stays on Tier pricing, which is good because you want the subsidized Tier 1 and 2 during the day and evening. If you do the whole house on EV-TOU2 then you are charged Tier 4 pricing from 5am to midnight. SDG&E and city permit required, but easily attained as owner/builder.