Seat belt adjustment

Seat belt adjustment

Last week, we took pessin of our Model S. There is one problem that is very upsetting. There is no way to adjust the seatbelt. Because of this, it always rubs and irritates my neck masking my driving experience awful. I bought a seatbelt clip and an extender and nothing had worked. Any ideas?

jon | July 9, 2018

Is this something you didn't notice in the purchasing process, or has something in the design changed?

DRFLGD | July 9, 2018

A seatbelt adjuster will do the trick.

Xerogas | July 10, 2018

Adjust your seat. Upwards.

jordanrichard | July 10, 2018

Did the MS you test drove not have seat belts....................?

lilbean | July 10, 2018

That was a problem for me too. Sorry you didn’t notice this before. Adjusting the seat did not help me. All I could suggest is getting a furry seatbelt cover to protect your neck. Don’t laugh. I have those in my X and 3. :)

lilbean | July 10, 2018

@jordanrichard Some people aren’t able to test drive before purchasing.

DRFLGD | July 10, 2018

Again, a seatbelt adjuster does what you're looking for as it lowers the torso portion of the belt to go across ones chest. Using a furry cover will prevent your neck from chafing, but the belt can seriously injure you in an accident.

TranzNDance | July 10, 2018

Xerogas's suggestion makes sense since in the back seats for kids, they use boosters or adjusters to ensure that the seat belt is properly positioned.

SpaceGhost | July 11, 2018

This is one of the design things I like about the model S. The height of the seat compensates for short or long torsos so the seat belt shoulder height should be the same for everyone. On other cars where the seat height is not adjustable, I have to keep moving the belt height if I switch driving between my wife and I. Anyway, with driver profiles that automatically adjust the seat to each driver, I feel any adjustment of the seat belt would be redundant and unnecessary.

lilbean | July 11, 2018

The seat doesn't go up high enough to prevent the seatbelt from cutting into the neck for some people.

dave | March 29, 2019

Anyone come up with a good looking solution to this. I took delivery of my model s this week and seat belt is too high for my wife

pgkevet | March 30, 2019

The facetious answer is to trade up to a taller wife...
The sensible answer depends on your differential heights because it should be possible to either make up a sub-fixture for the upper seat belt bracket and lower the mounting point or indeed raise the seat tracking and add raiser blocks to the pedals. I'd guess mobility companies do that sort of thing regularly.
The problems come when such changes make the car unsuitable for you within it's adjustment range and whether insurance companies make an issue over modifications.
Tesla should be able to offer technical support over this and there may even be some optional mounting points??
I know many years ago I had cause to ask ford technical fro advice for me...I'm pushing 6'8" (so the other probelm) and it turned out they had alternate seat track mounting locations already fitted to get me some leg-room. | March 30, 2019

@dave - Perhaps moving the seat upwards may help. A seat pad may also work. If the seat belt is irritating (rubbying?) there are also third-party seatbelt pads I've seen some people use (non-Tesla, same complaint). Seems some body types are not ideal for every car's seat belt system.

pgkevet | March 30, 2019

@Tesla tap
A women's activist recently made the fair point that Euro16 safety tests use a 50-percentile male form crash dummy with no regard to the size differential of ladies (or indeed their forward facing extras of boobies +/- baby bumps)..

kerryglittle | April 1, 2019

When I don't have a passenger using their seatbelt the buckle constantly bangs against the door post. My only fix is to turn the stereo louder. | April 1, 2019

@kerryglittle - odd - never heard any seatbelt bumping on my 2013 or 2016S or 2018 loaner (and a few others I've had over the years). Just went out and checked, and the buckle is about halfway between the seat and the B pillar, with some tension. My guess is the tension is loose on the belt in your car? You might check a few others cars if you have access to compare, or perhaps ask service to check on your next appointment. | April 1, 2019

Then again, maybe my hearings shot :)

PrescottRichard | April 1, 2019

Hammer- thanks for the link, I for one will check them out. Always looking for a more comfortable way to drape it over my shoulder.

As for belts flapping -I can get one of the seat belts for the rear seat (middle one I think) to flap with the right combo of open windows and pano roof. Guess I should just load up on passengers.

pgkevet | April 1, 2019

..or just clip the buckle into the holder.. | April 1, 2019

@kerryglittle - does this only occur with the passenger window is open and you're driving? I rarely have the passenger side window open, which might explain why I never hear it.

kerryglittle | April 2, 2019

Thanks TT. I just checked my car again and the buckle on the seat belt usually hangs down just a bit from when it would retract into the plastic pillar. It has just enough space between it to bang against it with every bump in the road. If I slide the buckle down a bit there is more clearance so it can hit the pillar even harder. I have heard of this problem before from other owners but I guess it doesn't bother them as much. The buckle and belt are fairly loose so if it was tighter maybe it wouldn't be able to move around so much. Next service I will see what they can do if there is an adjustment that I don't know about.