Second guessing my interior color choice - advice needed!

Second guessing my interior color choice - advice needed!

I live in the Netherlands and have placed an order with my lease company for a Model S about half a year ago. I have a delivery date (from lease company, not Tesla, btw) on November 1st.

In the Netherlands, we only have had a couple of actual Model S cars "visit" our country for a few days. I managed to see a Sig Red with white interior, and a white/black, but no other colors. For myself I have chosen brown as the exterior color, with black leather interior (and pano roof). I usually go for the more "excentric" colors, should perhaps have gone with the green, but it has been impossible to form an idea of how that color looks in real life from watching photo's and YouTube footage.

So brown it is, and I am happy with that. But it is the interior color that I am constantly fretting over. I have chosen black leather for the following reasons: 1.) I think grey and brown don't mix and 2.) tan and brown _could_ go well together, or clash horribly, all depending on the "timbre" of both colors. Based on the photo's, the "configurator" on the website, and the small patch of leather I saw at the local Tesla center, my fear is that the tan color that Tesla offers is too "yellow" to go well with the brown exterior.

But as time progresses, I am starting to second guess this decision. I don't like that I choose black not because I think it's beautiful (actually I think it's a bit boring and the car as a whole may be too dark), but because I was afraid the alternatives would be worse.

So although I very much realize it's a luxury problem, I would like to ask the help of the Tesla owners on this forum, especially the ones that have chosen the brown exterior. Is there any advice you could give me on the interior color you picked? And I would really LOVE some photo's of brown cars with an open door where you could see both exterior and interior color at the same time - in any of the three leather colors, really.

I appreciate any feedback I may get. Thanks in advance!

lolachampcar | June 27, 2013

The tan is not what I normally think of as Tan (Ferrari Tan). I'm replacing my Silver/Grey with Red and went to the local service center to look at a few Red/Tan cars. I changed to Red/Black as I did not find the Tan to be a good match with the Red. Obviously this is only my personal opinion and no more valuable than anyone else's.

kyleket | June 27, 2013

I have blue exterior with black leather and matte obeche. I too feared that the interior would be too dark, but it's NOT the case. Rest assured, it's not like driving around in a black hole. There's plenty of light, even after I tinted all the way around!

I wanted the tan at first, but really feared that a number of years down the road the lighter color leather would show more wear and tear. Not to mention dirt and scrapes, etc, would show up more clearly. Choosing black was part of my strategy to help keep it look nice for as long as possible.

So, I was extremely relieved upon deliver of my black leather, and am ecstatic with it still, after 3 months!! Really!

CalabasasKid | June 27, 2013

I personally am not a fan of the black. The interior enjoys no contrast what so ever as a result of picking black. I think the seats end up looking way too plasticky. Whatever advantage is gained by the accumulated soiling being better concealed as the car ages is offset by the way black shows the cracking in the leather that always comes with age more so than lighter colors.

hademarco | June 27, 2013

You've made a good choice.

markapeterman | June 27, 2013

I love my blue with Tan - I think Tan breaks up how black the interior is and matches the headliner best.

It also depends if you are getting performance as the red piping on the black leather would not go well with brown IMO.

mumanoff | June 27, 2013

Hi, I have ordered Brown/Tan and it appears to match well. Curious, what piping would come with this combo in the Performance?

herkimer | June 27, 2013

I chose the grey interior with the green car. Waffled about the decision and wondered how I would feel about the grey. Have to say, its just wonderful. Its not very "grey," actually, I would call it creamy. A very light grey and, to my view, makes a really nice contrast with the black that is standard on all interiors. Combines nicely with all the trim woods and headliner colors, and does not clash with any exterior color. (I would not hesitate to combine it with the brown or black or even the white exterior because it is so soft and neutral.) Brown and grey is fashion faux-pas. But in this case, the grey interior is so soft and light, and the brown exterior pushes toward copper. I think they look really well together. With the sequoia green its just smash! Don't think you can really go wrong with any color, but for me, the black offers no contrast, and is just too dark for my taste, while the tan, seems a bit too much on the yellow side. My daughter said, "and I like the way the tan goes together with the black and the wood on the interior." She was referring to the grey, that's how light it is. Could almost be taken for "tan."

mike | June 27, 2013

It's amazing--I choose black but it comes with a tan/off white ceiling (basically, everything above the dashboard) and I couldn't be happier.


Lou in SoCal | June 27, 2013

If you're going with Brown exterior (which is beautiful in person by the way), and based on how you seem to not like basic colors, I would say go with tan interior. Looks great with the Brown paint. Either way, once you start driving the car, you won't worry too much about the interior color.

njelectric | June 27, 2013

Just one comment on something you may not have noticed on a quick look. All cars come with black carpeting and mats no matter which interior you choose. So even if you pick the "brown" interior your floors are all black.

defmonk | June 27, 2013

I have the black interior. While I love my car, I find the black interior a little dull. If I were to do it again, I'd likely go with the tan interior (with the black or blue exterior), which really has an awesome two-tone effect that is all tied together if you get the Obeche wood (since the wood has light and dark pattern). I agree that the tan would be better if it were closer to the Ferrari tan leather color or the baseball glove tan color that I think Audi has.

kback | June 27, 2013

I think the tan would look great with the brown paint. I personally like the tan interior the best, but I went with dark grey paint and didn't think that the tan would go well with dark grey. I went with the grey interior and I do love it. I don't think you can go wrong, but I would recommend tan first, or grey as a second choice. I'm not a big fan of the black interior.
I also think the obeche gloss goes very well with the tan, but there are very mixed opinions on whether gloss or matte is better with tan.

carlk | June 27, 2013

Black is a safe color. Many people also think black is a cool color and want nothing but all black interior. The kind of elegant and low key chic. It's all personal taste but I'd just go black unless there is a particular color you really like.

cmlaff | June 27, 2013

Tan with obeche gloss with my Sig Red is really nice. Gotta think that with brown ext. you'll be very happy. The obeche gloss works really well with tan or black.
Don't anguish over your choice. I lost half my hair trying to decide on interior combos and now my other two hairs are quite lonely.

TFMethane | June 27, 2013

If you want to feel like Michael Knight in your super high-tech car with a computer that talks to you and is your best friend, you'd better go black on black. That's pretty much how I made my choice.

LEvans | June 27, 2013

I personally prefer lighter colors for car interiors and generally can't stand black interiors as it makes the interior seem like a black hole for me. Lighter colors show more contrast and I like how it reflects light to create a more inviting interior. Also I keep my cars super clean and with lighter interiors I know if something is not clean. With black interiors, not so much. Personally I'd never buy a car with a black interior. I like seeing and appreciating the contrasting details such as stitching in a nicely built car interior.

kafahsholtz | June 27, 2013

We purchased a green MS, and are very happy with the color. Takes me back to my youth, when I owned a British Racing Green Sunbeam Alpine. Not the same, but close...

Our interior color choice was black. We regret this, as it constantly shows scuffs, and other dirt. Granted, we have a long gravel driveway, which in the Seattle area is prone to mud, but it has been a concern. We basically have to wipe it down every week to keep the care presentable.

Long story short, we wish we had gone with the tan interior. The black still looks great (after 8,500 miles), but only after we clean it.

That being said, the car rocks, and we are very happy with our decision. My wife is constantly lobbying for a Model X...


Brian H | June 27, 2013

For a while, early on, there was a demand push for Saddle. Some said they'd get the interior redone with it.

KendallPB | June 27, 2013

I have a brown Model S with the textile interior, which is in black. I like it. I've rarely, if ever, with anyone's car, noticed the interior and exterior clashing. Inside, I don't notice the outside much or can't see it, depending on car design. Outside, tinted or simply reflective windows mean I don't notice the interior color that much. Don't overthink this. :-)

But like I said, I like my brown/(textile) black! Congrats on the brown, BTW--it's an uncommon choice.

pebell | June 28, 2013

Thanks everyone for all your feedback and experiences! As I kinda expected it didn't narrow my choices down, but rather expanded them to now include the grey option as well (@imherkimer: thanks for that ;-D). But what is comforting is that hardly any of you seem to regret the choice you've made - leading me to believe that I am indeed overthinking this.

I think that I'll do the same thing I do in restaurants when I can't decide what to have - I'll put away the menu and not think about it until the waitress comes and then just call out the first thing that comes to mind :)

KendallPB | June 29, 2013

Spaghetti and meatballs it is, sir! ;-)

sq1mike | June 29, 2013

I'll respond as apparently the only one to post with the brown exterior and tan interior. It's fantastic and I don't regret it for one moment! I suggest that you use the design studio on the TM site to look at this combination. It will show it from all angles. IMO, the colors are perfectly complimentary and it really lightens the interior.

pebell | June 29, 2013

Thanks sq1mike! I would be embarrassed to tell you how many times over the last 8 months I actually went into the design studio and watched each interior color from each angle - ridiculously often. Have done it on all kinds of devices and monitors too, because they will all show the color just a little bit different. And I have to say, if I would base my choice strictly on the design studio, I would pick the tan color. Especially the way the "side angle" causes the interior to brighten up dramatically when switching from black to tan is very compelling.

What made me hesitate the most is when I went to our local Tesla store and saw a tiny sample patch of the tan leather. It looked "pale yellow" compared the way it looks online, and I didn't care for it. But a tiny patch of leather lying on a table under artificial light is of course not the same as an entire interior in natural light, of course.

I think you have persuaded me to go with the tan after all.

MarkV | June 29, 2013

You hit the nail on the head. Artificial light makes a big difference. We have Metallic Silver and Tan and not regrets. You have made a good choice IMO.