Securing the Model S While Surfing

Securing the Model S While Surfing

I'm considering buying a model S.

I live in Hawaii and when I go surfing I don't want to take my key fob with me. With a traditional key, I can lock it in a lockbox and secure the lockbox to the body/frame of the vehicle. Does the key fob fit into a lock box? Would the proximity of the key fob in the lock box to the car allow a stranger to open my door? Have any owners run into this situation and if so what do you do?


CU OPEC | July 1, 2014

Why so complicated when it can be so easy... Just leave the key in the car (trunk or frunk or glovebox) and lock the car with the APP :)
Works every time.
Of course that is assuming you're going surfing where the car (and your Android or iPhone) still has cell reception!
As a seasoned surfer you probably have a waterproof phone anyway, that you keep on your body for emergencies etc. right?

Galludj | June 12, 2018

Ok, I have been checking this thread for a while to see a post that I would actually use. I finally broke down and drilled a hole in the plastic strip that runs down the rear underside of the Model S . Wrapped my key in alumnium foil and placed in the lockbox looped through the small hole. The lockbox almost touches the ground, but as long as you remember to remove the lockbox before driving off you should be fine.

I believe the rear plastic piece is a diffusier that is attached with 4 bolts to protect the car in case of the rear scrapes. Since it is secured with bolts if it needs to be replaced, it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

trixiew | June 12, 2018

Wow. I’ve always just put the fob in a made-for-surfing water tight bag and buried it in the sand away from the car. I go to the same places so have my locations that I don’t forget.

Mike83 | June 12, 2018

This is where the M3 card would work if they could make one

Yodrak. | June 12, 2018

"Securing the Model S While Surfing"

Random thought - it's not easy to surf the Mississippi.

Carry on.

akikiki | June 12, 2018

Think the Mississippi is hard. Try surfing the lava flow of Kilauea.

Putt Putt | June 13, 2018

Why not put the key in a waterproof phone pouch? They have them to put around your neck ,around your arm, in your pocket...Tape it to your surfboard..