Seek Suggestions on Paint/Interior/Suspension

Seek Suggestions on Paint/Interior/Suspension

I placed my order last week and since then, I've visited the Menlo Park shop a couple of times just to check out different configs. I even took some time off during my Seattle trip to check out more cars in the Bellevue shop. Yet I still can't decide on some configs of the car.

60/pearl white/black leather/air suspension/pano/supercharger/tech

I'm debating mainly for the following three:

pearl white vs plain white
black leather vs textile
air suspension vs normal

Could potentially save me $4500 which maps to about 7-8% of the total value of the car, kinda considerable.

I'm wondering if anyone have any good words (or bad ones) about those choices :)

I really just want to get this nailed down and release the car to manufacturing and let the 3-month wait to start torturing me.

nickjhowe | May 4, 2013

I've looked at the Pearl back to back with the standard white and there's not a lot of difference, unless you are in bright sunshine (I have the Pearl)

Use to search for suspension threads - this has been discussed extensively.

mkidding | May 4, 2013

Read through a couple of those and it seems that the biggest concern for the air suspension is the potential maintenance cost. Anyone know where the info of whether Tesla's "limited warranty" covers that part of the car?

bsimoes | May 5, 2013

I would get the regular white and have it detailed so that it's nice and shiny! I have an appointment to have my car detailed, because I cannot keep it clean (dark green). I'm hoping that this will help.

If I were going to get the black interior, I would have gotten the cloth. I wanted the tan, so I had no choice. I also wanted the heated seats...this is now included regardless of material. Black cloth will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter than the black leather.

I got the air suspension; it wasn't a choice, yet, but I think I would have gotten it anyway. Depending on where you live, you may be able to locate another owner who went without and would be willing to give you a ride for comparison's sake.

horst | May 5, 2013

Color and textile vs leather is a pretty much individual thing.
There are a few points to consider.
First the question, how often you would like to clean the exterior of your car. Very dark and very light colors tend to need more cleaning.

The same with the rims. Shining bright polished rims need more effort than black ones.

The same with leather and textile. Light colors need more cleaning. Leather needs less cleaning than textile (think about chocolate ice cream).

But there are also psychological issues to suggest. Cold colors like black and white may look fancy. But millions of years of evolution say something different for homo sapiens. Warm colors like light brown let you feel more comfortable in the long run.

And for this reason I am very unsatisfied with Tesla. There is no brown wood decor for the inside. All wood is very dark and close to black. No rootwood, no rosewood, no mahogany, real nothing.

Just my 2 pence

mkidding | May 5, 2013

hmm I have never really seen a plain white MS in reality so it's just hard to tell what the difference might be. Does detailing really helps?

I think I'll wash the car maximum once a week from my garden hose on the weekends. Not sure if that would be enough if I were to get a black car.