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Seeking Alpha

I never looked at Seeking Alpha articles when it came to all things Tesla because most of the authors simply didn't "get it" or they a very obvious agenda. I don't why I clicked on this one. I ended up really surprised. The author actually begins to understand me as a Tesla customer. I have said that it isn't just a car, it is a journey, in the forums before. And this article tells me that someone else is noticing that there is something special going on here.

Brian H | December 9, 2013

Yes, mentioned elsewhere. Also Google (or Volkerize) Julian Cox. He's written some good pieces.

2050project | December 10, 2013

@BrianH -- Agreed… Here is an excellent SA Julian Cox article:

Mathew98 | December 10, 2013

Julian is actual one of the more informed non MS owner. He was banished from Seeking (master) Beta months ago due to his highly accurate articles and comment rebuttals.