Seeking Opti-Coat recommendation (Dayton, OH)

Seeking Opti-Coat recommendation (Dayton, OH)

I've seen a lot about Opti-Coat on this forum and have researched it a bit. I'm interested in getting this for my new S, but have been unsuccessful finding someone in the Dayton area who can do this for me. Anyone have any recommendations?

I'm also about an hour from Columbus or Cincinnati ... so I could drive if need be, but prefer to keep my business local.


Brian H | September 9, 2013
romainiacWV | September 9, 2013

@ tss thanks for bailing me out on the photos. One thing I want to say is that you really have to see the car fine to fully appreciate what the opticoat adds to the paint. Saw @cfOH grey car and mine and it just gives the paint an additional luster, shine and depth. Had a chance to see the factory clear bra this past week on some new deliveries in Columbus and it is very minimal. Line is very visible low in the hood.

PaceyWhitter | September 9, 2013

Has anyone had any experience with Good Guys Detailing?

They seem to be the only ones that do opti-coat in Columbus.

TSS Detailing | September 9, 2013

If Addison has moved back from Florida to Cbus, you will be thrilled with his work. He was a protege of Todd Cooperider whom I've respected and learned from too.

romainiacWV | September 11, 2013
romainiacWV | September 11, 2013
romainiacWV | September 11, 2013

Okay, so I am finally post some photos for the board to see. Sorry for a dead box up there but this is my first rodeo with uploading. The above shot is pre-clear bra or opticoat. Thank you Tesla for letting me preserve an already awesome looking finish.

Here are a couple more before photos, from the day the work was being done.

romainiacWV | September 11, 2013

Here are the post clear bra and opticoat. I'd show you the lines, but there are none! Great work at TSS! Really feel that the opticoat is something you have to see to appreciate, there is a depth to the paint and a reflective attritube that is very subtle. The clear bra is not noticeable.

My favorite shot....Thanks for the charge GM!

howardb33 | September 11, 2013

Ok I am "sold" !!!!!

Plan on getting mine done sometime next week!!!

Waiting for TSS to email me back.

Where is that free solar charger located at?

howard b. red p85+

romainiacWV | September 11, 2013

That is located at McCluskey Chevy at the Kings Auto Mall outside Cincinnati along I-71. They have 8 stations! They are on plugshare. Their volts were parking in there but were not charging. They were very cool, I charged there overnight and stayed in a hotel to make the trip to SC Columbus. The service manager said they are the first one of those for GM in US, hopefully not the last. They had no problem that I was in a Tesla. I believe the Nissan and Mitsubishi deal also have multi port chargers there. Good stop, there is a target, a strip mall, a Costco and all the soon to be obsolete ICE vehicles the eye can see ;)

howardb33 | September 11, 2013


keep in touch

I think you and I both works nites as I remember.

my email is

cfOH | September 11, 2013

Great shots, and excellent tip about the chargers at Kings Automall. Right off I-71, they should be convenient for a lot of folks who pass there between Cincinnati and Columbus.

TSS Detailing | September 17, 2013

Good Afternoon,
Recently Optimum has released a new installer agreement which requires certified installers to sell OC Pro applications at or above a fixed MSRP as well as mandates the application be preceded by machine polishing ("paint correction," Craig ;) With the new pricing comes an optional lifetime warranty. More information on my page here:

howardb33 | September 18, 2013

Jaison just did my car!

He is the "best"

You will all love his pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

red p85+

cfOH | September 18, 2013

I was impressed enough with Jaison's work that I'm planning on getting my wife's Land Rover Opti-Coated by him as a birthday present for her. Jaison: Look for my email. :-)

TSS Detailing | September 20, 2013

this forum needs an EDIT button!!!

cfOH | September 20, 2013
cfOH | September 20, 2013

Wow...nice job on Howard's car, Jaison!

howardb33 | September 21, 2013





TSS Detailing | September 21, 2013

Craig, thanks for reposting those correctly!

Howard, DRIVE IT IN THE RAIN!!! Watching the water shoot off your car is what Opti-coat is all about!

yoohootesla | September 22, 2013

I've read about Opticoat. It sounds like a good thing to do for my 3 month old MS. However, I can't find any one here in Honolulu who can do the job!? Any recommendations will be appreciated.... Or is it really necessary to ship the car to the mainland?

TSS Detailing | September 24, 2013
romainiacWV | September 25, 2013

amazing! Love the red! Howard, drive mine in the rain a lot, water does fly off, looks like the rain on a window of a passenger jet at takeoff!

TSS Detailing | May 28, 2014

Thread bump: The number of Teslas I have touched is increasing and I owe a great deal of thanks to this thread and it's participants for all of your kind words. The Tesla store in Kenwood has been very supportive of my work too. Currently we are collaborating in an effort to help a future owner in Toledo. His car, was originally set to arrive in Columbus but will now come to Cincy. Brandon from the Kenwood store has scheduled dates for rim powder coating at the Wheel Doctor and tint work from Spade Kreations. Lastly I'll be installing a full front end wrap and OptiCoat. The effort is all in part to offer a new owner the best buying experience. Look for future updates to this thread for some production photos!

howardb33 | May 28, 2014

I am very proud seeing my car pictured in this thread :)

Jason (TSS detailing) did a "truly great job"

I would like to add another great cincinnati tesla add on place

tint guy in fairfield John Cusick did my spectra photosync window tinting

another truly great product for my tesla

howard red p85+ in cincinnati

Red Sage ca us | May 28, 2014

Great work on the detailing! Awesome photos, before and after! I'm not a guy who would necessarily be displaying a car at shows or anything... But I would definitely have this done, as sort of a 'spa treatment' for a very deserving vehicle, such as the Tesla Model S, from time-to-time. ;-)

django | May 28, 2014

Jaison and Brandon have both gone out of their way to help me set up this easy transition given I live over 200 miles away..

Thanks a lot guys!

The wait however is excruciating... :)

TSS Detailing | May 28, 2014

Howard, swing by the shop sometime and see your car on our sidewalk sign-red cars always get the most attention!

RedSage: the great thing about this particular treatment is it's a one time investment. After then simply wash n go are all you'll need. Opticoat is permanent and therefore replaces the need to ever wax again.

Red Sage ca us | May 30, 2014

TSS Detailing: I was speaking of the interior detailing as well! This is the first time I saw detailing that literally paid more attention to cleanup 'details' than I do myself! Awesome job. ;-)