Self-drive Growth Curve - Anyone from MS world compare the M3?

Self-drive Growth Curve - Anyone from MS world compare the M3?

How long did it take for the MS to go from today's M3 (no summons, no parking, no traffic signs...) to that 2016 MS demo through town, countryside, and park? And was that MS a production version or some prototype with extra HW installed? Can yours actually do that?

I was beginning to think my TLSA stocks were risky, and no word on going from SF to NY yet. On top of that I see all the "Top Self-drive Rankings" where Tesla isn't listed or near the bottom. I get they don't use Lidar and I am a believer that we don't need it, plus it's probably the only car that the public will ever afford and trolls are angry. I also know M3 is a young one, I just would like to know how long it took for the MS to learn to drive or what to expect. I paid for FSD, so is Elon still saying Fall 2019 for capability? No rush sir, just asking...

My brother and I discuss this all the time. We were under the impression the M3 could do that now and I suspect some M3 owners new to Tesla are disappointed with their SW (or TSLA) investments if the M3 was their 1st Tesla (like myself). It's misleading at a minimum, but excited for the downloads which is a whole new fun on it's own. I actually took the time to step through that video and I'm amazed at how quickly it could find traffic signs. Way better than I could do - beyond human if it's real. Also noticed that an "Object" could be people or trees, then it almost stopped for the 2 ped walking. Must be considering "in-path" + moving - vehicle = lookout! It also hesitated on a right turn for a parked car in the dirt. Maybe they don't put out any new videos because competitors can learn too much from watching them.

Sorry if this is an old thread rehashed. It's more about what to expect (just super interested in the AI part as well).

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John | May 21, 2018

Here's another example - Parallel park, I have no "P" ever showing up. I've cruised by open spots <10mph, curve present, car on each side. So what's this?