You know, you gotta feel bad for Elon, George and the others. The have given us an award-winning, 300-mi EV, chock full of technology, and draped in some of the sexiest sheet metal out there, and they have spent the last week getting raked over the coals over parking sensors.

Hopefully, they found humor in this.


Kleist | August 8, 2013

Yes, but there are impulsive buyers who live in a fantasy world and do not do their due diligence...

mrspaghetti | August 8, 2013

@S4WRXTTCS: 'High Maintenance', as a term applied to people is not a compliment or something anyone should aspire to be, ever. My definition of 'high maintenance' is someone that no one wants to deal with, either personally or professionally. I suspect you have a friend/relative/acquaintance who fits this description - everything is always about them, them, them, and everything that goes wrong is always someone else's fault and it's just not fair, etc.

Part of this condition is the utter inability to recognize it in oneself, which sometimes leads to paranoia and the development of conspiracy theories. E.g., they can't find any reasonable explanations for why people don't return their calls, invite them to social engagements, or keep moving far away and not providing their new addresses.