Sentry Mode Needs Manual Activation?

Sentry Mode Needs Manual Activation?

Anyone else surprised that Sentry Mode doesn't auto activate each time you leave the car? It looks like the slider for Sentry Mode turns off each time the car is put in drive and needs to be manually switched on each time the car is parked. I assumed it would work the same way the existing alarm works and activate whenever the doors are locked. Perhaps they'll give us this option after the feature has had more widespread testing.

I have a December 2018 Model S with 2019.8.3.

markahaden | April 4, 2019

I was initially surprised about this, yet. But, after using Sentry Mode a couple of times (just to test it out), I am actually glad it's not automatically engaged. The amount of useless (read: no activity whatsoever) video that filled up my USB drive in just a 1 hour test was alarming (no pun intended). I guess I wouldn't mind if the video files automatically overwrote themselves when filled up, but my understanding is they don't with Sentry Mode. If Sentry Mode were used every time I left my vehicle, I'd literally be manually deleting files from that USB drive on a daily/weekly basis.

This is most certainly a #firstworldproblem. Still, I hope this gets refined in time.

Ohmster | April 4, 2019

Stats app let’s you select where not to enable SS and turns on everywhere else. I bet, coming soon, GPS based activation through onboard SW.

andrew | April 4, 2019

Ah I see, I haven't looked at my USB drive yet to see what it is saving on there. It would be cool if eventually it would pop up a reminder to turn it on after shifting into park. I'm mostly just worried I'll forget to turn it on when I should have.

TranzNDance | April 4, 2019

I just checked and Teslafi has "coming soon" for enabling/disabling Sentry, in case anyone was interested.

JPPTM | April 4, 2019

Elon has tweeted that there will be a set of parameters to set up that allow you to auto-activate Sentry Mode based upon location/always on/etc. Stay tuned....

SoCal Buzz | April 4, 2019

The mobile app makes makes it easier to manage. While leaving on all the time might be good, it does use the battery (and fill up the USB, which likely will be solved soon with over-write). I parked my car in hotel lot overnight and lost 9 miles of range with sentry mode on. So I turn on sentry with the app only in "sketchy" parking areas (door ding potential, crowded public spots, overnight, etc.).

Of course, on my last Tesla my worst ding happened in my own garage thanks to kids. Sentry mode doesn't help much in that case.

Ohmster | April 4, 2019

^Yes. But you’d be able to tell who is fibbing! :)