Sentry oddities

Sentry oddities

As if there aren't enough messages on sentry...

I don't know if it's been posted before oh, it probably has and I missed it, but my dash cam no longer gives me the option to save while driving. In fact I no longer see the icon to eject when in park. Is that part of the new update? I'm on 16.2. or does that mean my USB is bad?

Got into my car this morning, inside of my own garage which was closed, and had over a hundred sentry alerts.

What might cause something like that in a closed garage? I don't have any pets, at least none I'm aware of.

Kary993 | June 12, 2019

Perhaps your Usb drive is not working as the icon comes up when the drive is plugged in, format to FAT32, and has the proper directory created and named.

I get sentry alerts when in my garage as well. Lighting will cause this to occur in my experience. You can turn sentry off while at home using the Stats app or now in 2019.20.1 that feature is available natively on your touch screen in the car I believe. | June 12, 2019

@dbirozy - Sounds like the drive is full and no longer recording. It's a known issue that when Sentry mode fills up the drive, it stops all recording. If you're using a small drive (under 128 GB), it can fill up fairly quickly. A lot more on this and drive sizing here:

You'd have to look at the sentry recordings to see what it is triggering on. Might be a tree moving in the wind through a Window in your garage or something else. I have Sentry mode auto-turn off when at home. See the control options. You do need something like version 16.3 or later for the option to auto-turn off Sentry at home.

jvcesare | June 12, 2019

I'm now using a SSD in a USB case with separate partitions for music and video. Since I made the change all my USB issues have gone away.

Techy James | June 12, 2019

Actually version 2019.16.2 was when the Automatic on setting became available for Sentry Mode, and with it, option to disable checkbox for Home, Work, and Favorites. If you had over 100 events it's very possible depending on size of the drive that the drive is full and would require deleting of files before it can be used again.

Kary993 | June 12, 2019

I never received 16.2 went to 20.1 from 12.1.2......didn't know it was in 16.2.

vuthan | June 12, 2019

@dbirozy your USB flash could be full or need to reformat. Also you can set Sentry Mode not to activate when you are at home or work.

kc4129 | June 17, 2019

First time ever, I got a notification on my phone yesterday saying “sentry mode has triggered the alarm state”. When I rushed to my car, I didn’t see any signs of being hit and run or windows broken. Sentry mode icon was missing, so there was no way for me to eject the drive properly. I don’t see any video being recorded from yesterday, only the ones before yesterday were there. I thought my 128gb drive was full but only half was being used. When I put the drive back in it shows a grey x so I had to repair the drive on my Mac for sentry mode to record again. So it looks like the alarm state triggered by sentry mode has corrupted the drive. Luckily there was no damage to my car or I will be real mad.