have any of u folks noticed the service has gotten horrible, can't even contact any representative. put on hold for 30-40 minutes

docabc | October 1, 2019

the app takes u to a service center that u never go

jordanrichard | October 1, 2019

Have you also notice that there are several of these thread about service already?

What is the issue that you are having? Did you check the owner’s manual or ask other owners about. There is very little if anything that you are having issues with that others haven’t.

My local service center told me some time back that the overwhelming majority of calls they got were about things that could have been answered if people read the owners manual or had done even the most basic research like what happens to range/energy usage in the colder months. Now, I will grant you that part of this lack of knowledge on the owners part was caused by Tesla rushing deliveries, but asking fellow owners is the best way to learn since we live with these cars.

andyrusk | October 2, 2019

Ranger Service has gotten really difficult to schedule and they have reduced the number of trips to my area. It’s not the same service that I was promised when I got my Tesla.