A short Model X review video from Bloomberg

A short Model X review video from Bloomberg

Looks it's really a phenomenal car. Couldn't wait for my (wife's) res.12K to be ready.

Red Sage ca us | November 19, 2015

Quite nice.

gordonbremer | November 19, 2015

An important point of encouragement is that Tesla--for the first time, I believe--provided a "production" Model X for a public review article. That suggests that ramp up must be very close, indeed.

carlk | November 19, 2015

Notice that the test vehicle got a real CA plate? You can tell by the month tag on it.

rossRallen | November 19, 2015

Notice that the FW door handle did not present: she just touched it. That's actually cool as it eliminates the mechanical device in the MS doors. Both front and rear like that? I think so.

She should have ended with "reserve yours now, there are 32,000 people ahead of you."

aljjr2 | November 19, 2015

Not terribly familiar with Calif Tags. But it appeared the tag had MFG vertically on the right side. Hard to read, is that also where the month would be?

carlk | November 19, 2015

@aljjr2 I stand corrected. It does look like a MFG plate.

@rossRallen I believe that's how door handles, both front and rear, work. I did not see the driver's door auto open or close though. Seems like she was pulling the door to close. Maybe just that she did not know about the founction.

Iowa92x | November 19, 2015

Why is the review 93 seconds, lazy.

David N | November 20, 2015

More of a sneak peak than a review.