The Short Thesis

The Short Thesis

Part of the “short thesis” is that Tesla cannot produce enough cars to meet demand. And a second part of the short thesis is that there won’t be demand for the cars they produce. What am I supposed to do with this? Two mutually exclusive and totally unlikely factoids issuing from the same potato disposer simultaneously. - Jack Rickard

SamO | August 12, 2019

The answer:

But we do still largely trust our friends and associates. And so if you see a Tesla, better get to ride in a friends Tesla, better yet he lets you DRIVE their Tesla, you want one. Period. I’ve never HEARD of anyone riding in a Tesla who did not immediately conclude that they wanted the car.

Could they afford the car? Did they need a car? Did they already have a car? All open and valid questions. But they did WANT THAT ONE on contact.

El Mirio | August 12, 2019

Doublethink, welcome to the Orwellian nightmare.

NoMoPetrol | August 13, 2019

@ El Mirio "Doublethink, welcome to the Orwellian nightmare."

That's like welcoming a straggler at 1:00 AM to a party that ended at midnight. DoubleSpeak started at the conclusion of WWII when our Department of War became the Department of Defense, and the conversion of terms has been on full acceleration ever since.

blue adept | August 13, 2019

"Double think", double talk, or just outright contradicting themselves, like how the NHTSA administration, after releasing a number of reports praising Tesla's Model 3 safety rating in both 2018:

And 2019:

Is now contradicting itself by saying that Musk/Tesla are exaggerating the safety ratings of the Model 3!

First the FTC, and now the NHTSA, is "shorting" Tesla...whatever is the world coming to?

Tesla has been taking a lot of flack from a lot of people, graciously at that but, were I Tesla, I would sue the NHTSA and make them eat their own words, afterall, they either know what they're talking about, or they don't...Which is it?!

jimglas | August 14, 2019

crow is a spam troll

blue adept | August 14, 2019

'First the SEC, and now the NHTSA...."

I meant to type 'SEC', not 'FTC', my bad for multitasking and getting distracted, but I would still sue the NHTSA!