Should I get XPEL installed at delivery?

Should I get XPEL installed at delivery?

I'm expecting delivery next week at Rockville Service Center and am probably going to get a full hood & fender wrap with XPEL Ultimate. As much as it pains me to think about it, it seems like the best thing to do will be to drive the car directly to the installer for the wrap. Right? I can't imagine driving my car for only 5 minutes after delivery and then having to drop it off for another day, but this is the correct thing to do, right?

ir | July 25, 2013

That was my plan, get it wrapped as pristine as possible. Didn't drive it for real for over 1 month because there were chrome and paint scratches that Tesla needed to fix. Then installer was booked and then needed a week to finish.

The wait was terrible, but worth it.

Reflectionsdetailing | July 25, 2013

If your paint is in the condition you want then install the bra ASAP, if the paint needs some attention then get that done first, no sense encapsulating the defects and seeing them until you can't take it anymore and have to remove the film.


NomoDinos | July 26, 2013

Painful, but the best thing to do. That's what I'm planning.

PaceyWhitter | July 26, 2013


Don't most installers "prep" the paint prior to the install.

It would drive me nuts if I spent a bunch of money to preserve swirl marks and other paint imperfections.

NomoDinos | July 26, 2013

Pacey - yes, from what I've seen, the good installers do a proper corrective cleaning prior to installation

earlyretirement | July 26, 2013

Yep. That's what the local XPEL expert here in San Diego recommended. It would be painful to pick it up and then not be able to drive it the first day. He recommended to bring it straight to him for the procedure and then pick it up the next day.

I think that is what I'll do...

Reflectionsdetailing | July 26, 2013


There might be some PPF/Bra installers that would do a paint polishing before installing, You'll have to ask. How good of an paint polisher they are depends, and I would want to see the level of their skill before hand. PPF installers make good money putting on film, paint correction doesn't make nearly the same how good is there polishing desires?

Just ask lots of questions ask to see, in person, the workmanship you are wanting.


cfOH | July 26, 2013

I read somewhere a concern about paint curing time on new cars. Is there a minimum duration after a car has left the assembly line before either films or polymer protectants should be applied?