A show stopper for my past ICE ownership

A show stopper for my past ICE ownership

I thought about getting an ICE car, but no way!

I test drove one, just to see what it was like. When you back off on the accelerator - it just keeps going! The only way to slow down is to switch pedals and step on the break. How can I keep doing this, knowing that every time I want to slow down I have to press ANOTHER pedal? And I did some research and found out something I could hardly believe. When you hit the break, do you know what happens to the energy that you just spent your hard-earned 'gas money' on? An ASBESTOS pad scrapes onto your wheel and turns that energy directly into heat! I might as well just stick my foot out the door and scrape my shoe on the ground. What are we, cave people?

I talked to the salesman, and he said I should watch for 'break fade' and overheating of the breaks when going down long hills. So in addition to wasting energy and spreading asbestos break dust all over the place, I have to worry about the damage I'm doing to my car's breaks? No wonder they call them 'breaks'.

I think the world is just not ready for ICE cars. Maybe in ten years.

ian | June 21, 2013

Ha! Great counter to the other thread about "Show stoppers".

One more time with the brake vs. break issue though...

Break - To cause to separate into pieces suddenly or violently; smash.

Brake - A device for slowing or stopping motion, as of a vehicle, especially by contact friction.


EcLectric | June 24, 2013

I believe my usage of the word 'break' is correct given the context. Hey, thirty-four Tesla forum posters can't all be wrong!

carlk | June 24, 2013

Lol.... What I'm going to say next will shock you even more. The ICE car will continue to burn your hard earned gas money even after you applied the break and the car is fully stopped.

Wayne3 | June 24, 2013

Not to mention, when you park the ICE car in your garage at night, it does not replinish its energy supply. Even my cell phone has a full charge each morning, but not the ICE car. You actually have to take a special trip to a smelly grimy place with bad coffee to replenish it. That's a showstopper for me.

jjs | June 24, 2013

Add to that the fact that you have to shut it off when you park it. If you forget to do that in your garage, well, that is a real showstopper.

Jamon | June 24, 2013

Don't forget to inspect the frunk space. It's almost impossible to fit groceries in the frunk of most ICE cars. And even if they fit, the butter always melts and the milk often curdles by the time you get home.

Also beware there are so many random reservoirs where you might accidentally pour the windshield washer fluid - apparently with very bad consequences.

Lush1 | June 24, 2013

All that breaking and braking is crazy. Thanks for your post. You opened my eyes, but you didn't describe the worst par, the acceleration on gas cars. My neighbor gave me a lift today in his 200K Euro luxury car. He LOVES it, talks about it all the time and it does look awesome all shined up in his driveway. He might be the worlds worst driver or the thing is on the fritz.

I think he was trying to impress me with the pick up, but it made me motion sick and I started praying again. Every time he pushed the throttle the car would lurch several times, the engine kept speeding up and slowing down, and the whole car would shake, rattle and roar like a wild bull or something. When he really punched it to get on the highway, nothing happened for maybe a half second. I didn't think we were going to make it, but then the nose lifted up and the car had a sudden burst of speed, just in the nick of time. These things are unpredictable, noisy and rough. Imagine if the inverter in your BEV had a loose wire and you were driving it on railroad ties all day. That's what it felt like to me. I'll say this, it was unforgettable.

wcalvin | June 24, 2013

And we asked the ICE guy, "What is that smell when the car is stopped?"

Turns out that it is noxious! If you close the garage door but still sit there to finish reading your email, those fumes can kill you! People have been known to commit suicide that way.

And if those fumes don't get you that way, it turns out that they trap heat, so that the whole planet cooks.

Why do they allow ICE cars, anyway? (FYI, Electric cars were invented in the 1890s, and 40% of horseless carriages were electric at one point.)

Oaktowner | June 24, 2013

This thread is absolute genius.

How about this one: I didn't like the features in the ICE car I looked at -- it had a strange behavior at idle where it would actually move forward even if I never pressed the accelerator.

I pointed this out to the dealer and he told me that was intentional!

So, naturally, I asked when the manufacturer would provide an update to give me the option of only going forward when I depress the accelerator pedal. Get this: he told me that to enable a new feature like that, I would have to wait a year and then buy a new one!


The dealer told me I would have to spend at least 20 minutes a month something called a gas station. He also mention they could make it fill faster but the government restricted the nozzle size so I couldn't use the wrong fule so it will never get faster.

cfOH | June 24, 2013

They're building a car service station near my house. They specialize in something called "oil changes." I'm baffled.

AmpedRealtor | June 24, 2013

You people keep talking smack about these "ICE" cars. You people are such snobs, I can't believe you are putting down vehicles that run on ice. That is a breakthrough!

Bikezion | June 24, 2013

Haha awesome!

It gets worse....... Every 3,000 miles you have to drain out this nasty black liquid, that really stinks, be careful not to get it on your skin, and replace it with new stinky black liquid that costs about $6 a quart! It takes about 6-7 of them, some cars up to 15! And a special filter, about $10-12. Then take the old stinky liquid to a special place to dispose of it, and sometimes it even costs extra to do that! And if you neglect it, the engine starts making a really loud knocking noise, and the engine is junk. $3000-$10,000 to repair.

There's also this rubber belt that works the ac, if it breaks, not only does your interior get really hot, but the car will quit. Tow truck time. There's another belt that if it breaks, it completely destroys the engine! The car is junk, and I'm left stranded! To fix it is about $6,000 for a normal car! One as nice as the tesla could be up to $30,000 to fix it!

The frunk won't hold the groceries well, but you can put corn on the cob or tinfoil wrapped burritos in there and it cooks them! Kinda neat, it's like a built in oven. Although this one time I was going up this big long hill and the temperature gauge pegged to hot. I pulled over and all this steam was pouring out! It is hot, serious burns HOT! Plus the car was junk again, and I was stranded.......about $3000-$6000 for that one.

To keep all this stuff from happening, every month or so you take it to a specialist, and he changes all these little pieces, there are thousands of them, and then it runs fairly reliable, especially considering how many things could go wrong! But it costs between $1000-$6000 every single year, and if you neglect it..... Well, see above.

By far though the worst thing is the smell! That's the deal killer for me.

hanker777 | June 24, 2013

What about all the fun you couldn't have any more. The fun that can not be had with an ICE. You know, having your blond wife/girlfriend taking your MS to a Jiffy Lube or Valvoline station and have her say, my husband asked me to come in for a change, and pop the frunk. Even better if you can use a GoPro camera to record their reaction.

Xerogas | June 24, 2013

I heard that if you want to drive cross-country, you have to pay hundreds of dollars to buy some expensive stinky liquid that you pour into your vehicle to make it go a few hundred more miles. And when you stop at a friend's house on the way, your friend won't have any of this liquid on hand to top you off. Supposedly there will be a bunch of these stations built that will sell you the stinky liquid, but I doubt there will ever be as many of those stations as there are electric plugs today.

Bikezion | June 24, 2013

I heard that to make that special liquid it takes 5kw per gallon, or enough for the model S to go 20 miles! Then they truck it all over the country! They called it dinojuice or something like that, they have to dig it out of the ground, and there isn't enough in our country for our wants so they fight wars to protect our "right" to someone else's sweet crud, or crude or something like that. Each subsidized gallon costs $4, instead of the 0.55 cents for the Tesla.

Seriously this is the best argument for the electric car! There are 2 parts. At the end just add, "or buy a tesla"
► 7:27► 7:27
Feb 5, 2010 - Uploaded by moshafusion01
This video show how fuel is made from sctatch. From crude oil to pure liquid gold.

Brian H | June 25, 2013

Sort of, but you're conflating gases.
CO != CO2.

Flaninacupboard | June 25, 2013

I also found out that in Europe you have to have a special licence to drive most of these ICE cars! They have THREE pedals (you have to use your left foot, they actually tell you to do two foot driving? WTF?) and you "manually" pull this lever thing to select different ratio things. It's not even like it goes back to the first when when you stop, you have to do it yourself, and apparently this box of gears and this pressure plate thing all wear out and have to be replaced! They don't tell you this when you buy the car!! What a con. Worse than that though, if you get these manual things wrong the car will JUST DIE! it stops moving forwards, the engine stops, the air conditioning stops (What if you have pets, or your kids, or your mother in law in the car, they could die!) and then the car won't start again until you get the manual thing right. You can't even get it on a tow truck if the manual thing is wrong! What a hassle.

ovomoze | June 25, 2013

The worst thing is in cold winter mornings, when you sit in this ICE vehicle to go to work, you could almost freeze to death until the heating actually delivers some heat.
Now i realize what "ICE VEHICLE" actually means!

Flaninacupboard | June 25, 2013

I heard if you drive an ICE vehicle through a tiny ford it can "suck up" the water into it's "cylinders" and then it can't get out again? I want to know what happens in the rain, did the makers even think about this??

Jolanda | June 25, 2013

I heard that the acceleration of the vehicle is interrupted several times when you try to get to highway speed. That must be realy annoying when you try to adjust to the speed of the other trafic on the road. Only the very expensive luxury cars have mechanisems that try to smoothen the acceleration to the normal elektrical drive quality. So you have to pay a large premium when you want the smooth acceleration.

A very dangerous situation can arise with those manual gear machines. When you make a small mistake when switching, the machine can stall. Then you could come to a halt on a railway or a crossing! This can happen any moment because you have to realy concentrate to make a smooth switch. That's why you need a special license to drive one of these.

DerekCrosby | June 25, 2013

Even worse in California, you have to have some guy peek under your hood, and let him check if you haven't moved or lost any of the pieces the car came with. If you have you may not be able to register the vehicle again. I hear this is going to befall the entire country as emissions laws are to be federalized, although I don't know if the check is to go national, Fun !

sia | June 25, 2013

+1 Brilliant you all!

cybrown | June 25, 2013

I have to put up with driving one of these ICE-type vehicles while I wait for my Model S. The most frustrating part is that when it breaks, there's no special number you call to get it fixed. You have to find an independent service that will look inside at all the little pieces to try to figure out which one is broken. Well, it turns out, a lot of these independent services will lie to you and tell you that the wrong piece is broken, or charge you twice as much to fix the little piece as a different person down the street! If you don't understand how all the thousand little pieces fit together, you just have to trust them. And get this - you actually have to drive the car out to them to get your pieces fixed, and you might have to even get a ride home from someone else! A lot of them don't even give you a loaner to replace your broken ICE with its thousands of pieces. What the hell??

AmpedRealtor | June 25, 2013

Guys, I tried out one of these Fred Flintstone cars you keep talking about. I pressed the ON button and received the shock of my life - THERE IS A VERY LOUD, DEAFENING NOISE COMING FROM THE FRUNK AREA AND THE WHOLE CAR VIBRATES!

Is this normal?

rch1708 | June 25, 2013

Friend of mine, minister at the local church, has one with a cool customisation. It's a thing called a "Rev Counter", which I think tells him how hard he needs to pray that he's going to get to his destination.

cybrown | June 25, 2013

I just got into my ICEmobile to go to lunch. It is 90+ degrees here, and the inside was BURNING HOT! I tried to find an app on my phone that would let me activate the climate control remotely, but I guess my manufacturer doesn't have that software update yet. I called to ask when I can expect a firmware upgrade to allow it, and they were very confused. They said I would have to buy a whole new car to get that feature!

carlk | June 25, 2013

Someone also said the car will just sit there and laugh at you when you are cruising at highway speed and want to pass some cars right away without taking a moment to change gears.

Lush1 | June 25, 2013

I was starting to think this thread was being guided by trolls, but I just learned something so shocking that it makes all the above comments seem petty.

As I mentioned, my neighbor paid >double what I paid for my Tesla, for his Euro-luxury car. but after yesterdays ride in it, I think he must have gotten a lemon or something. It's just ghastly (no pun intended). Anyway, I recently came into some money (bought TSLA at 19, sold at 114) so I am looking for an exotic car to treat myself. Those gas cars are expensive to buy and to drive, but this would strictly be a "Sunday driver." After riding in my neighbor's, I figured that, expensive as it was, it couldn't be representative of all gas cars, so I went looking for the top of the line in ICE vehicles and I was not prepared for what I found. I expected that more money would equate to better efficiency and more cargo space. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Bugatti made very rare and exotic car, starting in 2005 called the Veyron. It's pretty impressive on paper. Get this, it has 1000+ horsepower/900+ torque, a 16 cylinder engine and is faster than every other street legal car, even a P85. Heck, it's faster than an F1 race car. Top speed is over 250nph and it does 0-60 in a tick over 2 seconds! Naturally, it's not for everybody. If you can find one, it will cost you well over a million dollars. But what the hell, you only live once, right? My wife says I'm having a mid life crisis, but it has always been true that the difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.

I was ready to look for one to test drive (a major feat in itself) when I read something so utterly revolting that my conscious would never allow me so much as drove a Veyron around the block. I swear, I'm not making this up. IF you could find a place to drive it at it's top speed of around 253mph, you would drain the 26.4 gallon gasoline tank dry in about 10-12 minutes and would have gone 50-70 miles!!!! I read varying claims, likely because it probably hasn't been done many times. Other than the salt flats, where can you even try it?

I know there are lot of those gas stations still around, but even they aren't spaced close enough to get a Veyron from one to the next one.

If you don't believe me, search the internet for yourself. These things were built, sold and driven, LEGALLY, from 2005 to 2013. Many consider them to be the pinnacle in (consumer) automotive technology. When you look at all the parts they have, even the most devout Tesla owner would have to agree that it took some astonishing engineering to actually make a working prototype, but they sold over 300 of these smog factories. Going faster than an F1 car may be insane, but it sounds like a rush. However, even if money is no object, when you take a close look at the environmental impact and carbon footprint of a Veyron, it seems downright immoral.

They can keep the Veyron and every single one of those filth spreading, gas powered vehicles. I would rather take my million dollars and buy 10 Teslas and give them to friends, even strangers, than shamefully squander our natural resources on a joy ride. As a society, we have a lot to answer for until the last internal combustion engine makes its last revolution.

Elon be priaised

cloroxbb | June 25, 2013

And yet people chose ICE vehicles over 100 years ago and it became the standard...

Brian H | June 25, 2013

If you want someplace relevant to park your cash for a while, check out and correspond with the execs. Within 4-5 yrs, it wants to be selling licenses to make 5 MW generators that cost ~$300K, and profitably produce power at ~0.3¢/kWh. World-wide, forever (resources/fuel available to last until about when the sun goes red giant). Not kidding.

Lush1 | June 25, 2013

Brian H,

Alas, all my cash is parked in my garage and my rant is only satire, or wishful thinking. I will be happy when I can get solar panels on my hot, flat, tar roof and can power my Model S (at least in part) from our sun while it still burns bright. Until that project is done, I'm getting my fuel from Pennsylvania's power grid so I'm no saint. I just have a smaller carbon footprint than I did before February when I drove a 5 liter ICE. At least it is a step in the right direction.

Man, if I HAD bought Tesla stock at 19 and sold at 114 instead of buying the car I could afford a fleet of fully loaded P85+'s today. No regrets though. Love my car and would choose it over any other, even if money was no object.