Signature Edition for sale

Signature Edition for sale

Immediately available for sale in Minneapolis: Tesla Model S Signature Edition... one of the first 1,000 off the line. 200 miles, signature red, loaded with all the applicable bells and whistles... $108K please contact me if you are interested in adding this beautiful car to your arsenal.

Larry 952.484.1839

shamrockceo | July 10, 2013

Why are you selling? The car is brand new. If you don't mind me asking...

Also, pictures?

Dooms66 | July 10, 2013

Long story short... This car belongs to a very good friend who owns 15+ cars and can't see keeping the money tied up in something he doesn't drive. So, it must go. The car is in perfect shape.

Pictures are no problem, just let me know where to send them.

Captain_Zap | July 10, 2013

Tesla Motors Club forums would give you better exposure. The have a "For Sale" section. Someone might jump on a Sig Red quickly.
They'll want to know if it is a Performance version.

TrikinCurt | July 10, 2013

My red s came into minneapolis today, bad timing!

Mike C | July 10, 2013

Out of 15+ cars, the Model S is the one he chooses to sell? He should probably drive it a little more than 200 miles - or did he just cycle it once, run out of charge, and decide it was too much hassle to plug it back in?

Mike C | July 10, 2013

Actually the early Sigs came with around 200 on the odometer. I hope he at least drove it once.

riceuguy | July 10, 2013

No car is for everyone (ok, admittedly I can't imagine driving anything else, but to each their own!), so let's not judge.

Captain_Zap | July 10, 2013

Some people bought Signatures thinking it might be a good investment. Some bought a Model S just to flip it.

There were no dealers out there jacking up the price due to percieved scarcity and it backfired on a few. As production ramped up some people got caught.

That may not apply to this situation but it did happen.

SamO | July 10, 2013

This is an amazing investment car for anyone that wants to hold onto it for a while.

On the first hand, at the start of production things needed improvement.

On the second hand, Elon inspected each one (supposedly).

Mike C | July 10, 2013

@riceuguy, that's true that no car is for everyone...but I think the Model S has to be in the top 15 for anyone.

cybrown | July 10, 2013

I too am curious as to why he doesn't drive it.

cwmenne | July 10, 2013

Wow, didn't realize there were so many red Teslas in Minneapolis! I'm expecting my red MS to arrive in Minneapolis on the 22nd. CAN'T WAIT!

July10Models | July 10, 2013

Imagine spending your adult life collecting the very best cars money can buy and than purchasing a Model S for LOL and quickly realizing it renders the rest of the collection meaningless. You'll get rid of the Model S too and pretend that it never happened.

RZitrin1 | July 10, 2013

He should sell the other 14.

Captain_Zap | July 10, 2013

If anyone contacts this guy, I'd love to hear the story.

JoeFee | July 10, 2013

@Dooms66 “….owns 15+ cars and can't see keeping the money tied up in something he doesn't drive. So, it must go.” He needs a friend to sell the car????????

15 cars …. +/- One should not be a big deal….so why is one of the most unique collectable cars he owns the one that MUST go???? One of my friends owns 8 car dealerships (BTW...he is VERY afraid of Tesla disrupting the ICE-dealer network) but admits the Model S is a game changer. I have a Sig Performance, Pearl White-Sig White Leather -rare combination most were red (that has only 1300 miles and was signed by Elon on delivery). My friend says I should garage the car right now for 7 years and it would be worth $600,000 to a collector! No way I could not drive it for 7 years nor sell it for less than a serious premium…but as they say on the used car lot “everyone has their price cause money talks/nobody walks.”

Maybe your “friend" should raise the price …someone sold one like yours for 140K

cloroxbb | July 11, 2013

For the OP the Model S probably wasn't even purchased to drive it was purchased as a collectible. Maybe he fears that it will not be worth more than he paid for it, in time and needs the money now. I certainly don't fault him at all. Why tie up the money when he could have it work for him instead?

Of course I could totally be wrong :)

Dooms66 | July 11, 2013

Hello all... The car was delivered with a little less than 100 miles on it, the owner has put on 100 miles and says it's an unbelievable vehicle but the fact is; Minnesota winters are harsh so, it becomes a part time/summer driver or a pure collector car opportunity. He is vacillating a bit and doesn't have to sell but feels this Sig red would be better served in the care of someone who can use it daily... I guess it's all about timing. Maybe we should consider pushing the number North...What is the real market??

RIsquare | July 11, 2013

Think south not north. North will take you nowhere.
Two P85 for sale on eBay no bidders.
Also Tesla has a glut of unsold vehicles from dropped orders.
They do not advertise it but it is there.
They won't reduce the price. It is not a fire sale, however it is there for the ones who can't wait 1-2 mo. production time. So think south if you want to compete with them.
Flipping business is no more. Go flip houses. It's fashionable again.

cerjor | July 11, 2013

RIsquare |: Where did you get the information that TM has a glut of model s?

Dooms66 | July 11, 2013

Thanks for the info... what ever gave you the impression this is a flip for $$$? Holding pat at original buy price for $108K... I have several people kicking tires... we'll see how it goes.

elguapo | July 11, 2013

@Dooms66 - What about the fact that buyers will get no tax credit? They'd be better of buying new unless they're goal is to collect a Signature MS.

Please do keep us posted as it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Good luck!

@cerjor Tesla says it on their website. They don't use the word "glut", but they do have an inventory of orphaned cars.

Dooms66 | July 11, 2013

Thanks for all the feedback... For the record, this car is no orphan, it is part of a very big happy family... I'll let you know how it goes.

Brian H | July 12, 2013

Tesla-owned cars whose buyers dropped out for any reason are orphans.

Put another 200 miles on it and see if you still want to sell. Dare ya.

TrikinCurt | July 12, 2013


Mine wasn't due until mid to end of month. I found out with no notice it had arrived, there was another red one there, you may want to call Todd at service and see if it is yours :)

I am driving it to the Wisconsin Dells today, first day, I thought I would start with range anxiety...

Oh, and 60+ Teslas in Minnesota. I am in Hudson, Wi, two of us on this side.

I was ordering brown until the 11th hour when I saw a red YouTube video...

And does everyone play Tesla on Slacker right away or is it just me?

Theresa | July 12, 2013

Trikin, I have house on a lake 20 miles NE of the Dells and have a NEMA 14-50 plug that you are welcome to use. It is inside the garage so you will need to contact me. I am listed on plugshare (under my husband's name)as having an outlet in Marion IA (home residence) if you want my contact info. I will be at the lake this evening and plan to leave Sunday morning.

RZitrin1 | July 12, 2013

Theresa - question out of ignorance - what's plugshare?

Theresa | July 12, 2013

rzitrin, and recently (within the last month) joined forces. They are/were web resources showing location of chargers of various types. You can register and, if you have a charger that you are willing to let others use, list your charger and location. It is a very useful site that aids in finding charger locations. It is fairly up to date although I have found a few locations that no longer exist which I let them know about when I find them.

RZitrin1 | July 12, 2013

Thanks, Theresa!