Signature Red vs. Production Red

Signature Red vs. Production Red

GeorgeB's recent posting at the other forums site offers a good look at the new red color available next year.

IMO, it is far too "hot", and the entire web site here is "decorated" with so called "Sig" Red "S"'s, which once seen, you realise you can't have. As that "dark" red is only for Signature cars.

I find it very odd that the red, a so called signature color, would not be made available to everyone.

After all, the BLACK, WHITE and SILVER are. So what is so special about the red?

Since when does the color dictate the "pedigree" of a car.

You've got the side markings with "Founders series" and what not, let it go at that.

I happen to have always driven a "dark" red car; from my first 1970's era Mini, Lexus, Range Rover, to my current Nissan Leaf (albeit tainted with hideous "rust") ...

I am 100% behind Tesla and EV in general, but this color choice to me is a ridiculous marketing decision.

There are already a couple cosmetic issues about the car I find really bad - red turn signals at the rear.

So to sound really childish and selfish; TM, you need to make this "sig" red available to everyone per the illusion on your web site. Others might even suggest VISUAL "bait and switch"?

I, for one, would try to buy a used one with that colour (good like finding one with the config as well) or even pass.

Thanks for your time.

SaltyDDDog | September 1, 2012

I'll offer a solution to what I perceive as the same problem:
"Fix" the go-forward production red to a more contemporary color, one that closely resembles the marketing slicks and (obviously) highly desired Sig red (keeping the Sig club exclusive). We have a palette of unlimited colors in our spectrum, and it seems suspect that the "future red" passed Elon's QA famed standards. Like the Fashion Island rep agreed with me = very un-TM like (notice it's rarely profiled anywhere...)

Never too late to make the right decision, here's hoping TM reconsiders.

pilotSteve | September 1, 2012

come on.... Sig Red (and white leather) are basically the only perks we got for the $40k reservation and $10k premium! Since the "time advantage" is likely to be a few weeks, let the Sig guys/gals at last keep their color exclusive for a year.

Robert63 | September 1, 2012

Then come out with a colour that screams far less. It's (scientifically) half way to Biebers chrome Karma silliness. :)

Plus, don't you get super sexy chrome lettering all over it telling the world it's a Signature. And, you have a right to feel proud about it (no sarcasm.)

The blue and green are "sedate". Yet the RED is like someone was "high" at the time. (Not that I'd know!)

Brian H | September 1, 2012

Pay $1500 for custom paint.

TeslaLABlue | September 1, 2012

Sig red is great!

I am not a fan of prod red. Just not my thing.

I would probably get sig red if it was avail for regular prod cars.

Why not? It should be avail for everyone. Prod red does not seem to go well with the design of the car.

Alex K | September 1, 2012

@Brian H | SEPTEMBER 1, 2012: Pay $1500 for custom paint.

Brian, are you saying that Tesla should offer custom paint for $1500 or that you can go aftermarket and get a $1500 custom paint job? In either case, that is, unfortunately, too cheap.

For example, Porsche charges about $3000 for their standard specialty colors and over $6000 for a custom color. They use robots too in the paint assembly line.

Brian H | September 1, 2012

Maybe I got the $$ wrong ($12K ? ) but at one point there was the option to have TM do a custom job.

stuberman | September 1, 2012

2013 Red looks great to me. Why build, or buy for that matter, a sports sedan and then cloak it in boring dark colors? I just wish that Tesla would offer even more exciting colors.

Sparrow | September 1, 2012

The fact that Signature Red is only for Signature purchasers is probably the only reason I stayed with paying extra for the Signature S. I would feel betrayed at this point if the color was offered to regular production cars.

Crow | September 1, 2012

Agree with Sparrow. No, no, and triple no. Everyone had their chance to get it.

jerry3 | September 1, 2012


The $12K for custom paint was discontinued after the first six Sigs. I read the rational was that moving a car off the production line was too time consuming. Once production ramps up and the backlog is cleared, they may offer it again.

Steve_W | September 1, 2012

I prefer the production red and that was one of the reasons I canceled my signature reservation. The signature red being produced today is not the same as what I saw 3 years ago on a car that was shown to Congress at a special event in DC. The production red is closer to the alpha car I saw back then.

gary.greene | September 1, 2012

The Sig red is definitely TMs best color, by far! The production red is not attractive. I too would love to have the Sig red offered on production cars but can understand the feelings of Sig reservation holders wanting something special for the big bucks they had to put down.

Roblab | September 1, 2012

I checked with a high end repaint shop. They told me they would have to break out the rear window and destroy the HCMSL lights, take apart the doors to get the little piece from behind the door handles, destroy and reorder all chrome and lettering, and remove all interior plastic and carpet, like in the frunk. It would be a huge job to do it right. They figured at least $8000. Then you have the NOT high end repaint shops. We have one in town called Miracle Auto Painters. "If it looks great, it's a Miracle". I guy you not.

petero | September 1, 2012

IMHO, the Signature Model deserves the Sig Red exclusively. It is my favorite color on the pallet. Unfortunately, I am not getting a Sig. However, at the Get Amped event in Hawthorne, I saw the Sunset Red and it was sizzling hot! This is going to be a very popular color for TM because it looks great on the car. The green and blue are too dark, the brown has too much grey… my opinion.

Shoot me, I ordered Solid White, not my favorite but... The way my family treats my cars, it will hold up the best. I am thinking 7-8 years down the road.

ndt | September 1, 2012

I've been looking at red cars lately. Any number of SUVs and Priuses running around with something very very close to "Sig Red", so it's not exactly like the common man is going to know that you spent the extra money. I agree with others that Sunset Red is an unfortunately unsubtle red. Too bad sig buyers have the typical luxury buyer fetishes about manufacturing scarcity...

Michael37 | September 2, 2012

For me, the production "Sunset" red is too hot -- it looks out of place on the Model S. But, I don't think they'd need to tone it down much to have it look really great.

I remember at Fremont, they were asking people what they thought, and saying that they were listening for feedback about the color. So, maybe it will be slightly tweaked, or maybe they've decided that it's just right. Dunno. The fact that George B. posted a photo of the car with the others in that color thread makes me think that they are going with it.

I do prefer the Signature Red, though.

DriverOne | September 2, 2012

People paid a lot of money to get the Signature colors. You can't take that exclusivity away.

I'm with you on the red turn signals though. Orange are better. (Red ones can be potentially dangerously confused with braking).

JohhnyS | September 2, 2012

I saw the Sunset red at Newport yesterday with the black roof, 21" wheels and microfiber interior. It looks great, very sporty. At the amped event I thought it is too big of a car to be bright red. The black top gives it a sporty look!

Robert63 | September 2, 2012

But, DriverOne, as I mentioned at the top, only the red is "unique". You can't tell the Black Sig from Prod.

jerry3 | September 2, 2012

DriverOne -- I'm with you on the red turn signals though

It seems odd to me that Tesla would use red rather than amber turn signals because amber is required in Europe so they'll now have to have two different assemblies. The only valid reason I can think of is that they got a real deal on the red ones (like 75% off).

I think the real question is: Can you change out the red ones for the European style once the European style goes into production?

Volker.Berlin | September 3, 2012

Here's a thread dedicated to the color of the turn lights. Maybe you want to add to that:

NigelM | September 5, 2012

Everyone wants to hold Tesla exactly to every word they've ever uttered, except when it's about Sig red. Tesla promised this would be an exclusive color to Signature cars and all the comments I've read from Sig holders here and on TMC support that.

Leave it alone.

pilotSteve | September 5, 2012

+1 NigelIM, well said.

Scorch | September 5, 2012

Its funny, I LOVE the production Red. It would be my first choice by far but I don't want to wait so I am going black. However, maybe if production gets delayed enough I can choose that color anyway. :)

Longhorn92 | September 5, 2012

I think the Sigs got the bad side of the color options. Us general production folks only have one color we cannot choose, while the sig folks have four colors that they cannot choose (five if you count sunset red).

VincentA | September 5, 2012

I saw both red colours side-by-side in real life at the Fremont GET AMPED. In fact, I drove the Sunset Red and followed the Signature Red car around the course. I find BOTH colours really beautiful in person. My wife and I actually wrung our hands a bit about downgrading from Signature to get the Sunset Red, but did not want to wait. We will be VERY happy with the Signature Red, but will admire the Sunset Red whenever we see it.

Sunset Red is a much more nuanced colour than can be captured in photos. Moving through sunlight, it is iridescent. There is golden undertone beneath the translucent red outer coat. In the shade, it tones down quite a bit. Those who are general production buyers should make sure they see it in person before passing on it. You might regret it.

Ohms.Law | September 5, 2012

+1 VincentA

You have a good eye for color.

Brian H | September 11, 2012

This should help you decide:

What's red and green and goes 200 mph?
A frog in a blender.