Signature S pricing

Signature S pricing


I got off a call from the rep few weeks back with an unsure answer. What is the approx pricing of the Signature S? He said it is going to be 'comparable' to a BMW 5-series. Well, that could be anywhere between 60k-85k....

Anybody has any insight?


Mycroft | December 1, 2011

I would take much of what he says in that video as some guesswork and his opinion rather than what's going to happen.

EdG | December 1, 2011

Re: video

That's the first I've heard about more than one backup camera. The employee stated that the cameras' output would only be visible in Reverse. I'm hoping to have, say, the top half of the 17" monitor (or the left and right of the dash screen?) show me my blind spots while I drive. That would answer one of my wishes for the S! That way, if I didn't happen to see someone change lanes into my blind spot and an emergency incident occurs in front (I don't have time to glance over my shoulder) I'll know better how to react. Could be great stuff.

CraigT | December 1, 2011

When I changed my reservation to the signature series the rep told me that the 300 mile battery pack was an additional $30K and that the "extras" in the signature package added an additional $10K - $15K. Total price then is north of $90K after rebates.

I don't blame Tesla at all for offering the different variants. Makes sense to get as much as you can from the early adopters and then use that the bring the unit price down to meet what the masses want.

JayK | December 1, 2011

Yeah the most important information from that video is you can get Elon Musk's mobile phone number. LOL! Either that is a fake number or Elon is now going to get a lot of calls.

Mycroft | December 1, 2011

It's the number to the corporate headquarters in CA.

Discoducky | December 3, 2011

That video was great! Really liked the tidbit about the HD Tri-view, only in reverse, camera. A friends new Ford Edge has one camera, non-HD and I believe detects motion coming from the side somehow. This seems way better, a big step for safety and also in the direction of losing those big air drag side-view ears.

Pungoteague_Dave | January 23, 2016

Bumping another five year old thread on Throwback Sunday. Interesting to see how far we've come and how much forum participant makeup has changed. Just as argumentative as ever.