Silly question but .. How to power off my Model 3?

Silly question but .. How to power off my Model 3?

Is there anything specific to be done to power off the Model 3?

mrinal2 | July 8, 2018

New owner here, Please let me know the exact sequence, I am worried I might be draining the battery after I step out and lock the car.

hjelmn | July 8, 2018

As far as i can tell. Close the doors and walk away. Screen turns off and the car appears to go to sleep.

spuzzz123 | July 8, 2018

Did you get an overview on delivery? Yeah it’s pretty nerve racking at first but you just get out and walk away. Car is off! You’ll get used to it soon. Car is great

spuzzz123 | July 8, 2018

Oh make sure you’re in park of course.

neil.weinstock | July 8, 2018

First time I got out of mine I stared at it for a while trying to figure it out. How embarrassing. :)

If you have "walk away lock" enabled (Controls >
Locks > Settings > Walk Away Lock) it'll turn on when you walk away. Otherwise you have to lock it manually I think.

I turned on "Walk Away Lock" once I realized it wasn't already on. Admittedly it is weird to get out of the car while it still appears to be "on" and then just walk away, but I'm getting used to it. :)

Daryl | July 8, 2018

After a couple of months, I still find myself turning to look back and make sure the mirrors folded, indicating that it did indeed lock.

Occasionally I leave my phone in the charging port, in which case of course it will not lock. Not a good thing to do -- someone could just jump in and take off with it.

Warp Drv | July 8, 2018

The problem with "Walk-away Lock" is if a phone that's a key is left in the car, it won't lock, and you may not realize it. It's happened to me a couple of times when I first got the car. Basically leaves the car unlocked with a key in it.

There is a way to actually turn the car off completely:
Go to the "Quick Menu"
Choose "Safety & Security"
Under "Vehicle Power" choose "POWER OFF"

I'm not sure when you'd use that feature, though.

EVRider | July 9, 2018

The Power Off feature on the touchscreen is used to power off the car while you’re still in it. Touching the brake or touchscreen will turn the car on again, and from what I recall opening the door will also turn on the car.

JAD | July 9, 2018

The car turns off on its own. You get used to that very quickly as it is how it should be. Problem arises the next time you rent a car and walk away with the engine running.

The 3 will even put itself in park if you forget as soon as you unbelt and open get off the seat.

FifthOnLeft | July 9, 2018

I took delivery and went on vacation the next day. I had the car charged to 190 miles, and after a week, it's down to 140. I only checked via the Tesla app for a second time over the 7day period.
My question is similar to the OP's: how do I "turn off" or put the car to "sleep" remotely. Should I assume that it will go to sleep by itself ? If my car behaves correctly, is this battery drain normal ?
As mentioned, I had less than a day with the car so there's plenty of time to learn about it. I normally don't leave more than 2 weeks at a time so the drain rate is not a huge concern, but knowing why is better than not.

nicktrash | July 9, 2018

Is there a power conserve function like there was on the S?

tesla | October 29, 2018

I found one time after leaving mine in the garage, that it was still "running", only to notice on the app, that the driver side door wasn't completely closed. Silly Model 3 didn't come with "door close" option, so I had to MANUALLY walk over to the door and fully close it. Then I walked away and it turned off.

jjgunn | October 29, 2018

You can also tap the key card between the driver & rear door

Mirrors should fold in (provided it's set) & car should turn off

Bmoyers | November 4, 2018

If you are trying to power off while in the car, the power off button is on the safety and security tab on the vehicle options menu

Doggiehowser | November 5, 2018

@henrySJ I found the same problem when I parked for 6 days at the airport. Lost 80 miles of charge!. Here's how i (with the help of people here) fixed it. Shut off cabin overheat protection. Unless you're in the south in the summer you don't need it and it uses up charge even if the car is not overheated. BUT more importantly get rid of all those apps you may have installed that give you all sorts of data about your car (like Tesla-fi, etc). They poll the car over and over again for that data and wake it up, that takes energy that lowers your range. After uninstalling the apps I still had way too much phantom drain. I think they were still wakiing up my car even tho the apps were uninstalled as they had my account login (dumb me). So I changed my password and the phantom drain is now down to the normal 1-2% per 24 hrs

roger.klurfeld | November 5, 2018

The answer is to stop worrying. There is a difference between locking the car and powering it off, which can be done as @Bmoyers notes. But your car will use power when you think it is off. It shuts down unnecessary parts of its system but can be woken up by Tesla (or you). If you are worried about phantom drain, don't keep checking on it.

CorkChop | November 5, 2018

Powering it off is the same as powering it on; you don’t.

TeslaMarque | November 5, 2018

Something tells me maybe they should have added 2 more buttons to the door, next to the window switches for lock and unlock. Although my phone key has worked flawlessly so far, I think it would just be a little easier to hit the lock button and shut down the car. At the very least, it would be less confusing for the masses.

nstobaugh | November 5, 2018

It is strange but just place it in park, open the door, and walk away!!

CST | November 6, 2018

You forgot about closing the door too!

cafutter | November 6, 2018

It is strange, I agree. There is a level of comfort when I hear the Beep as I walk away. My question is this:
In the morning, when I go into the garage with my phone, I go to unplug it, the plug remains locked until I either open the door or hit the unlock button on the phone. Is that the normal behavior?

jennifer | January 4, 2019

I was sitting in my car, powered it down in the security setting and it powered itself back on after 3 minutes.

jennifer | January 4, 2019

I was sitting in my car, powered it down in the security setting and it powered itself back on after 3 minutes.

Studentid | January 4, 2019

I lost about 3-4 miles range overnight. I can hear sound near frunk which tells me the car is not in deep sleep mode. I know losing 1% is normal but in a month I will lose 100 miles which translates to $8 San Diego . That’s still significant. I don’t use mobile app anymore but the car still wakes up randomly.

njchillie | January 5, 2019

@Studentid Are you saying that $8/month is significant, or that losing 100 miles in a month is significant because of the inconvenience?

Studentid | January 5, 2019

Both. In 5 years I lost about $500 or 6,000 miles. This most likely not accounted for in that savings amount when you start configuring the car.

Gang | January 17, 2019

I have the same issue. My car keeps something running (I can hear the sound near frunk) for two hours after I park it in my garage every time. One day I drive it 20 feet to move it into my garage, it still keeps something running for two hours. One Tesla rep says it's normal but I am not convinced. I am more concerned if there's a sensing issue.
Any thought or data points to share?

rbird | January 22, 2019

How do I subscribe to this thread? I keep losing miles when I am parked overnight or when I am parked at work. I just got my Model 3 a couple of weeks ago. I didn't know that there was this much "Phantom Loss".

Jbowenaero | January 22, 2019

Enough already! Go to Locks on the main menu. You have to push the screen up to see more options. Activate "Lock Confirmation Sound". Now when you walk away the horn will honk confirming the car is locked.

ReD eXiLe ms us | January 22, 2019

Is anyone else as peeved by having a 'MODE EXECUTE STANDBY' button as I am? I imagine Dexter's Sister Didi asking, "Ooooooh... What does THIS button do?"

lilbean | January 22, 2019

Can I plug “The Clapper” into the car?

tjbyemail | December 30, 2019

what does it do when pressing "power off" in tesla model 3? I can see screen shuts off. But AC keeps running.

Sparky | December 30, 2019

@tjbyemail; it will power off to sleep mode once it is satisfied with battery temp etc.

bheck11 | December 30, 2019

A couple of hints:

1) As Jbowenaero noted, you can turn on the lock confirmation sound. Then just train yourself to listen for the horn honk (that's the confirmation) as you walk away from the car. It takes a few seconds. If you don't hear it, or walk away and then can't remember if you heard it, check the app: it tells whether the car is locked or not. Bonus: if it's not locked, you can lock the car from the app no matter where you are.

Yes, the "train yourself" part sounds silly, but actually it's just something that you become conscious of, and it's not at all difficult.

2) If you need to minimize range loss while the car is parked, turn OFF Sentry Mode. Sentry Mode uses a good bit of power to keep the sensors running, and especially uses juice when it's triggered. Of course, the tradeoff is...well, you won't have Sentry Mode. Note that even with Sentry Mode off, the regular alarm system remains active.

sdsatish | February 2, 2020

Hello all,
I'm in a bind and need HELP!!!!!
long story...but car was in accident and now driver side panels are damaged severely. Closing the door is not helping. Car is saying door is open. If I push hard on the bottom it senses door closed, but as soon as I release the pressure, screen comes on and says door is open.
- Is there anyway to override it just to get it to repair shop?
- Even to tow it, how will I move the car? It is in garage and I don't know how to get it to drive way. If I try to drive, It says door open and goes to park.
- How to shut the car down at least until figuring out how to get it to repair shop?
Any help is greatly appreciated

rfpmoxie | February 2, 2020

Quick thought; someone puts pressure while you put in tow mode...……………...

sdsatish | February 2, 2020

Thought about it, but the pressure needs to be significant...can't hold the pressure and move with the car

rfpmoxie | February 2, 2020

Are you saying that after shifting into tow mode the open door alarm prevents towing? It sure seems that tow mode by definition should let the drive train "freewheel".

sdsatish | February 2, 2020

Is there a tow mode? I'm ignorant about it. Can you please explain how to engage tow mode?

rehutton777 | February 2, 2020

@sdsatish: You really need to read the "Towing" section in the owner's manual. The owner's manual is can be found on the "Service" tab, along with a "towing instructions" tab. NOTE: There is no "Tow mode" setting, and the car should never be towed for any distance. You can roll the car a limited distance putting it into neutral, and the car should be transported after it is put into "Transport Mode" (see instructions). Please - - read the manual.

Bighorn | February 2, 2020

Or dollies.

Tronguy | February 2, 2020

@sdsatish: You need to get the car to Tesla or some other approved body shop soonest. The tow mode is, really, for getting the car up onto and off of a flatbed tow truck; this is not one of the kinds of cars where somebody puts a hook under the front end, or, for that matter, a couple of "tire holders" on the front end, and tries to tow it a distance.
While a charged or partly charged main battery on a Tesla can keep it in electrons for a month or more, the assumption is that the car is pretty much in standby while it's parked. My guess is that having the door open like that will keep the car on; my guess is you've got then maybe a week or so before the main battery runs down, and then things get really silly.

sdsatish | February 2, 2020

@rehutton777 - thank you, will look it up. Getting any help from Tesla is like pulling teeth, very unhelpful in a stressful situation.

sdsatish | February 2, 2020

@rehutton777 - thank you, will look it up. Getting any help from Tesla is like pulling teeth, very unhelpful in a stressful situation.

rehutton777 | February 2, 2020

If I were you, with the car being undriveable, I would call Tesla Roadside Assistance (it's on your phone's mobile app). They will respond promptly.

SalisburySam | February 3, 2020

To the OP, please RTFM, p50:

“ can power off Model 3 while sitting in the driver’s seat, provided the vehicle is not moving. Touch Controls > Safety & Security > Power Off. Model 3 automatically powers back on again if you press the brake pedal or touch the touchscreen.”