Silver owners: is the car depicted in the app silver? Looks white to me.

Silver owners: is the car depicted in the app silver? Looks white to me.

Minor quibble of course but we have a white X and a Silver 3. In the app the 'silver' 3 looks identical in color to the white X. Just didn't know if some glitch with my app where they think my car is white or it appears this way to all silver owners?

shawncordell | November 5, 2018

My silver looks white!! Grinning!!

ebm | November 5, 2018

My silver looks white on the app as well. I guess they even discontinued the silver color in the app too :)

Mike UpNorth | November 5, 2018

lol....mine too...from the start I thought the same.

sroh | November 5, 2018

Ours looks like silver, albeit a light silver.

andrewdway | November 5, 2018

Someone escalate this to management! LOL. Seriously though, seems like an easy software tweak.

Silver cars unite and let's get this remediated!

KP in NPT | November 5, 2018

Yes mine also looks white. I’m fine with it since the depiction in my My Tesla is too dark imo.

earlohm | November 5, 2018

Ours has always looked white. The horror!

ILoveMyModel3 | November 5, 2018

When I first took delivery of my silver M3 it is was Silver
In the app. However, when they removed the silver optionand made a special edition the color of the car in the app change to White

Mike UpNorth | November 5, 2018

Well that's dumb!
Change it back Tesla!

andrewdway | November 5, 2018

Really!? It used to be silver and then changed to white since it's no longer offered? Weird.

I know it's no use complaining and it's hardly an issue but it would make the OCD side of me much happier if it actually matched the color of the car.

KP in NPT | November 5, 2018

Mine has been depicted as white from the beginning and I took delivery well before they discontinued the silver.

ODWms | November 6, 2018

Mine looks white. I also notice, on the in car screen in ‘About Your Tesla,’ the car looks grey, not silver. Not quite Midnight Sliver gray, but certainly grayer than the car. I thought it was just me. Lol.

walnotr | November 6, 2018

Why does the app still show the aero covers when I have taken them off?

Sorry, just being a smart ass.

jithesh | November 6, 2018

@walnotr LOL. i have been wondering the same but just expecting Tesla will bring a OTA update to fix that soon

jdcollins5 | November 6, 2018

Mine is white also.

centurionusa | November 6, 2018

Silver here. Definitely not white.

jmacSTL | November 6, 2018

My app looks white....somebody even mentioned it to me. Bigger issue: when I chose silver, I thought it was the metallic silver that was promo'd. But it's just plain ol' silver and not really very impressive looking at all. I felt a little cheated, but still think my decision to choose silver was best: it looks dirty the least often. :)

Mike UpNorth | November 6, 2018

Get tint, chrome delete and take your aeros off.....then you'll love the contrast.

jwins | November 6, 2018

I switched from red to silver in September, when they said switching to silver or metallic black would get you your car sooner. I never thought I'd have a silver car, but am loving how it gleams in almost any light. AND it does handle dirt better ;)

ILoveMyModel3 | November 6, 2018


I agree, it not the metallic silver that was displayed on the prototype Model 3.

ODWms | November 6, 2018

There is a clear, stealth wrap available that, when applied to the silver, replicates that look nicely:

Daryl | November 6, 2018

Mine looks silver on the app. Android.
Could it be an iPhone thing?

Mike UpNorth | November 6, 2018

White on mine. Android.

dacastro4 | January 12, 2019

Hey Mike, If you have a Smartwatch I made an app for Android Wear smartwatches. Check it out.

jimglas | January 12, 2019

Silver on MIne (iPhone)

ODWms | January 12, 2019

White on mine (iPhone X).

jimglas | January 12, 2019

I can see how someone might call it white, But looks silver to me