SiriusXM Issues

SiriusXM Issues

Anyone else have issues with SiriusXM since last update? Frequently now, the station that plays when I get in the car is not the same as the station that was last playing when I left the car, but another "favorite". Also, there are many times that when I get in the car, it plays an FM radio station and not SiriusXM station that was on when I left the car, and touchscreen is frozen so I cannot change any station. Scheduled for a service appointment, but Tesla continues to text me to try to cancel the service. Latest is that they now acknowledge this is a "known firmware issue" that is under investigation.

jimglas | June 11, 2019

Reboot your car
Sounds like some terrible first world problems
The horror!

ebender888 | June 11, 2019

Reboots do not fix the problem, as it continually happens. But agree, definitely 1st world problem! Haha

David Trushin | June 11, 2019

Not new problems. Been around since day one. Never seen a fix for radio problems.

Elcut | June 11, 2019

Welcome to tesla world!

mathwhiz | June 11, 2019

Just as a rule of thumb, it's not sufficient to say "...since the last update". You really need to identify the specific update please.

lancero | June 12, 2019

Sorry....newb here and ordered the car in mid May. I was under the impression you couldn't get SiriusXM. So am I incorrect. Thank you.

jjgunn | June 12, 2019

Sirius XM available for Model S/X not the Model 3.

Gotta save cost to bring the M3 to the masses

lancero | June 13, 2019

Thank you jjgunn!

Charliek | June 19, 2019

my model x with most current firmware has had this problem from day 1, when i get in the car the radio is on FM, which i never listen to. and i definitely leave it on SXM when i leave the car everytime. Tried 2 button reset but problem still happens

jimglas | June 19, 2019

definitely a terrible first world problem.
to have to push the screen button to get back to SXM
the horror …….

lilbean | June 19, 2019


Raffim | June 19, 2019

So where is the Sirius XM option on the Model X? I just picked up the car yesterday and haven't had a chance to figure it out. Thank you!

jimglas | June 19, 2019

all you need to do is sign into your acct, the app is on the entertainment system

Raffim | June 19, 2019

sweet, thanks @jimglas!