Ski/bike rack

Ski/bike rack

I live in Lake Tahoe, and like the Model X concept (enough that I have one reserved), BUT I do have a serious concern/question. The falcon doors, while they may have a 'wow' factor for some and maybe do offer improved access to the interior, strike me as wholly impractical when it comes to making this a functional vehicle. How the heck am I supposed to carry skiis or bikes!? There doesn't appear to be any functional way to mount a rack system.

Would welcome the input of anyone from Tesla in particular... any solution forthcoming for this issue?


cloroxbb | December 13, 2013


Im from an area that gets a lot of snowfall every year. It doesn't matter how much snow is accumulated on your vehicle. You do not drive without clearing snow off and scraping the ice off the windows. If you do, then you are a road hazard and are an idiot.

If you are offended, oh well. Your personal opinion that you don't have to clean off your car before you drive it is fine, but you are nothing but a hazard to the other people on the road. Ice flying off the top of vehicles, snow etc... make you an even more dangerous object. Just like people that text and drive, and other activities that stray the focus of vehicle drivers.

ian | December 13, 2013

I would bet that the X will have the smartphone app like the S that allows you to turn the heater on and warm up the car. I would imagine this would melt the ice on the windows at least and likely the whole car given enough time.

muleferg | December 14, 2013

SOV Leaf bike transporter

Model X S#1016

muleferg | December 14, 2013

Sorry. I left off the link.