Smart Preconditioning with Model X

Smart Preconditioning with Model X

I found a couple threads in the MS forum but wanted to ask in here if anyone (everyone?) Noticed this started working as of 2019.8.5

I haven't been doing anything but the car knows my routine & when I go to the car in the morning, the fan is on, it's nice & warm inside with Wifeys seat heater turned on.

Anyone else notice this? Or am I the last one?

When does it become self-aware....or maybe it already (gulp) is.

lilbean | April 18, 2019

This has been the case since the car first came out. Haha! :)

jjgunn | April 18, 2019

Haha - No I mean under the setting "Smart Preconditioning" it used to say "learning" now it's actually working

lilbean | April 18, 2019

Oh! Haha. That’s cool. :)

David Trushin | April 18, 2019

Slow learner.

mbirnie51 | April 19, 2019

Back in the days that I had to go to work, my MS (2013 P85) would precondition after a recent updated...memory says that was early 2015. I had to charge every night, so I scheduled the start time such that I would have ample charge to drive to work (left home at 5:15am everyday) and return with 80 miles of range upon getting home (95 mile round trip), once that time was set, never looked back at it again. Each morning I would enter my MS that was warm, seat too, and occasionally my phone would alert me to traffic problems. As I got into the car, the nav system would offer alternative routes. I did have both home and work logged in the nav system; and synced the calendar too, but never actually engaged the nav each day.
So now some folks are saying this is not functional...maybe they need to do some proper programming or ask someone at the Service Center/Store to help them.