Sneak peek at special Model S I mentioned in my Teslive speech...

Sneak peek at special Model S I mentioned in my Teslive speech...

The director of the new film from the makers of The Cove approved me sharing this little peek of the special Model S (the one I mentioned in my speech at Teslive) from the set of the new film -

If you haven't seen their first film "The Cove" check it out. It won over 100 awards globally, including the Academy Award and is the first film in history to sweep all of the guild awards. Here's the trailer -

And here is a little bit on the new film from a successful kickstarter campaign they ran a year ago -

Bighorn | December 8, 2013

Hard to decipher-
Either homelink works industrial garage doors or your prototype roars like a lion?

moorelin | December 8, 2013

Exciting project - looking forward to it!

SamO | December 8, 2013

Exhaust effects. Amazing.

eddiemoy | December 8, 2013

hmm... looks just like a regular p85+. guess that is why the pic was approved...

JPPTM | December 9, 2013

Can't wait!

AmpedRealtor | December 9, 2013

Very exciting news! Thank you so much for being part of changing the world, Leilani. I learned all about you during my experience buying a Tesla. If it weren't for that, I likely would not have known your story. Kudos to you!


NKYTA | December 9, 2013

Cool, thanks for sharing Leilani!

Tesla-David | December 9, 2013

@Leilani! Thanks for sharing, I will make a contribution to keep the Heist going. I watched the Cove, and it made me mad as hell. I am a marine biologist, and share the goal of this movie to save species on the trail to extinction. It is a serious problem and we will not succeed unless we can get meaningful action on climate reducing our societal carbon emissions and soon. This vide clip highlights the issue, linked to the extinction cycle we are currently in.

mollmason | December 9, 2013

Hrmm looks like a Tesla am I missing something here?