Software Update?

Software Update?

Greetings fellow M3 owners!

I picked up my M3 Wednesday (woohoo!) and couldn't wait to engage Auto Pilot on my way home as soon as the car finished with its calibration process! I immediately noticed the ping pong issue that I've read about and that the test drive car I drove had as well. However, there are times it's so bad I have to turn off AP because I probably look like a drunk driver! And this morning on the way to work when I engaged AP, the car would immediately jerked/swerved to left and then recenter itself, even though I was centered in the lane to begin with. It was so bad I had to immediately correct it which cancelled AP. I tried it a couple more times but gave up since there was enough traffic to make me concerned about safety. I live in Phoenix and commute on I-17, the lines are clearly marked and the car appears to identify the lane dividers just fine so I'm guessing it's something addressed with a software update and hopefully not a lengthy repair process. Car is still squeaky clean and still has that overwhelming new car glue smell :) so the sensors should be fine.

The car states its software is up to date, but apparently from what I've read, that doesn't necessarily mean it really is. So I did some searching and scheduled a mobile service appointment under the Software section based on what others have suggested. However, the earliest service appointment is 10 days out. :( Not sure why they scheduled someone to look at my car and not try an update first.

After reading several forum posts, it seems like Tesla pushes out updates on their own secret schedule, much like their delivery process! :) How do I know what is the latest released version for my car? Is there somewhere to look it up? My car is on version 2019.35.108 3554e19 which I think isn't current.

Anyone have any ideas how I can get the latest (or at least a newer) update pushed out since this isn't just a feature request? I get it that I don't "need" AP so I'm sure it won't be a priority for Tesla, but it seems like it could end up being a serious safety issue. I know I'm probably being impatient since I just scheduled the mobile service appointment, but AP was one of the main reasons I got the car, besides all its other awesomeness! :)

Thanks in advance!!

Joshan | February 28, 2020

very odd as my car has never ping ponged in over a year of ownership.

Magic 8 Ball | February 28, 2020

Here is a firmware tracker. Your car will get the latest greatest automatically when Tesla schedules it, there is nothing you have to do. Check car settings for software downloads (there is stuff you can change).

Please post dashcam video of "ping ponging".

Magic 8 Ball | February 28, 2020
Joshan | February 28, 2020

Make sure where you park you car it has a good wifi connection, this is critical for getting updates quickly.

MrSexyTime | February 28, 2020

Try chat from here. Maybe they can do something. TeslaFi has a good sample of info. I don't see your release there, so your release might have been one that didn't get to there much. Just Google your release for that. Here is the TeslaFi link:

MrSexyTime | February 28, 2020

(sorry about the duplicate info...I was too slow) I swear when I started, it wasn't there.

EVRider | February 28, 2020

To increase your chances of getting updates, set software updates on Controls > Software to Advanced, and park where you have both LTE and WiFi coverage (one without the other isn’t enough). 2019.35.x is pretty old at this point; most people are on 2020.4.x.

Oh Yeah | February 28, 2020

@Magic 8 Ball and @MrSexyTime, thanks for the link.

@EVRider, yes, I have both LTE and good strength WiFi at home.

@Magic 8 Ball, I'll check the SSD when I get home and post the video. Great idea, I hadn't thought about that!

Magic 8 Ball | February 28, 2020

Check to make sure all cameras are clean also.

82bert | February 28, 2020

No ping ponging for me. AP better than ever on 2020.4.1.

Oh Yeah | February 28, 2020

@Magic 8 Ball, the car is spotless but I'll look closely at the cameras just to be sure. Thanks

Joshan | February 28, 2020

I believe it was @hokiegirl who also stated their car did this when they needed an alignment. It is not normal behavior though unless you listen to the couple resident trolls here. Just avoid any advice from FishEV or Mabuck... it will be only lies.

If it keeps happening make a service appointment.

Oh Yeah | February 28, 2020

Thanks Joshan. I did make a mobile service appointment just in case it came to that. You make a great point, I never thought about an alignment problem, but that makes perfect sense. The car would constantly be correcting itself. I would definitely want that fixed ASAP to avoid tire and other mechanical wear!

Oh Yeah | February 28, 2020

Also, I did select "Advanced" under the Software Update Preferences the first day I got the car. At that time I had no idea what it meant, but it had to better than anything called something mediocre like "Standard"! lol

Joshan | February 28, 2020

One last thing which sometimes help is to reboot the car so it reconnects.

When parked with a strong wifi signal.

1. press and hold the brake pedal
2. while holding the brake pedal push and hold both button on the steering wheel
3. do not let off anything until you see the T logo on the screen.

hokiegir1 | February 28, 2020

Must be psychic. I came in here just because and see I was talked about. :)

Yes, like @Joshan said, when the car is out of alignment, the sensors will be constantly fighting with the steering. It can lead to some ping-ponging and also when the normal force you'd use to satisfy the AP nag will constantly deactivate it. Those were our 2 biggest signs.

That said, we've had some bouncing/ping-ponging with the current-for-us version of 2020.4.1, and the car just had the alignment checked at Tesla itself (not a 3rd party shop). I've noticed it most frequently in 2 cases: 1) When passing a large truck on one side, the car will move to the other side of the lane as you pass the rear tires, then come back to center through the middle, then shift back over when passing the cab...then back to center. 2) When changing lanes, particularly near a curve in the road, it will shift to an edge, but over-correct, then take a few tries to get re-centered within the lane. I'm pretty sure they just changed this behavior recently for both of these based on people not wanting to be centered in either case -- so I'd expect they will improve more in the next couple releases.

Oh Yeah | February 28, 2020

@Joshan, thanks, I will reboot my car when I get home. Never thought I'd see a day where I would reboot my car, Windows yes, but not my car!

@hokiegir1, thanks for the clarification. Yes, I did notice the car moving slightly away from large trucks, but that just added to the ping pong effect making for some weird steering adjustments. I don't have FSD, so this is just when staying in one lane. And it happens fairly consistently, regardless of traffic around me. I'm really hoping a reboot that Joshan suggested works, and it's not an alignment issue! I did look at the power graph as soon as I picked up the car and noticed a huge spike all the way to the top at the beginning which made me think whoever unloaded the car floored it or something like that. Who knows, maybe whoever it was hit something. Ugh, I don't like even thinking about that!

I will definitely try everything everyone has suggested and keep this thread updated. Hopefully I can positively identify the issue for my own sanity, as well as anyone else who gets this Easter egg with their new car. :(

"Failure is not an option, it comes preinstalled on all Microsoft products." I just thought of that and couldn't resist posting it here. Sorry, I'll try not to let that happen again!

bddaughe | February 28, 2020

I experience the ping pong effect mainly as the car goes around a curve on the interstate. In the curve, it swings to the outside of the lane and as it comes out of the curve, it moves over to the inside of the lane and then goes back and forth a little until it gets centered again. It never happened until recent updates.

I can try to post a video, but I'm not sure it will be very noticeable. But, the inertia of going back and forth physically when it's happening is very prominent. I know it's easy to doubt people's experiences, but I just hope that if you (not talking to a specific person) haven't experienced this that you will respect that others may have.

Joshan | February 28, 2020

@brian995 my understanding (correct me if wrong) is the power graph will only go up when the car moves. So if sitting still it will show a large jump? Hmmm ... I think that is correct, anyone?

Joshan | February 28, 2020

bddaughe | February 28, 2020
I know it's easy to doubt people's experiences, but I just hope that if you (not talking to a specific person) haven't experienced this that you will respect that others may have.

As I am the person who stated this has never happened to me in this thread :) I think I have been respectful, I am offering possible scenarios on why and giving advice to help mitigate. It is also possible I am not as sensitive to the minor adjustments as someone else /shrug.

walnotr | February 28, 2020

The bearing to the left when AP is engaged is familiar to me. I attribute it to my being more to the right side of the lane as it is engaged and the left swerve is the car finding the center. Once it has settled down, the car tracks the lane very well.

EVRider | February 28, 2020

@brian995: Some owners have had luck getting service to push an update to their car, by scheduling a service appointment from the app and selecting software update. You have to pick a date and time, but if the update happens, they'll do it remotely and you can cancel the appointment.

bddaughe | March 1, 2020

Hey @Joshan, no worries with you. You're always very respectful. Some people who immediately ask for video on this thread have been known to basically call BS on this and a few other experiences just because they haven't had them. So, thanks for your response!

spuzzz123 | March 2, 2020

Yeah I can feel the ever so slight’s not all the time. It was better in prior releases. Not a huge deal, and confident they’ll iron it out in future releases. You can actually feel the steering wheel shift back and forth slightly. The word ping ponging is misleading as it makes me think of the car visibly shifting from one edge of the lane to the other, which is not even close to reality. Agree w bdaugh that a video probably wouldn’t pick up the very slight movements.

bddaughe | March 2, 2020

@spuzzz123, in my case, it does in fact go from one side of the lane to the other. After going back and forth about 5 times (each time a little closer to center) it finally stabilizes. But the first 2 or 3 really are pretty extreme. Enough to make me slightly nauseous.

dschantz26 | March 2, 2020

I'm on 2020.4.1 and I normally drive slightly right of center in the lane. When I engage AP the car will move to left to find center line then right to center itself. No problem I just know it is going to do that centering maneuvering process. Knowing this I do not activate AP when there is on coming traffic since it can be somewhat unnerving.

Oh Yeah | March 2, 2020

Thanks everyone for your feedback! I have to admit, that swerving to the left when engaging AP ended up being a loose screw behind the steering wheel. :( I was engaging AP with my right hand and not realizing that I was pulling the steering wheel to the right during the process, which caused the car to immediately correct to the left. Now I hold the wheel with my left hand and don't touch the wheel with my right hand while engaging AP.

The ping ponging, however, is still noticeable but it does seem to be better after rebooting the car (that will never sound right :) thanks @Joshan. And you're right @spuzzz123, ping ponging does make it sound extreme as it doesn't go all the way from one side of the lane to the other, but it does seem to want constantly correct itself back and forth. I did schedule a service appointment so hopefully I can get a software update pushed out and see if that helps.

Also, speaking of "slight" ping ponging :) since I drive the speed limit (but NOT in the left two lanes!), cars tend to go fast past me on both sides, and my car is noticeably moving away from the lane with the car that's passing. So if there are several cars on both sides, the car definitely ping pongs and I'm sure looks like I'm drunk or something. Again, hopefully it will be resolved with a software update. I'll update this post when that happens and I have a chance to test it during another commute.

Thanks again for everyone's help!!

gpjohnso | March 2, 2020

I noticed ping pong when engaging AP on my one-week-old M3. I make sure that I hold the wheel firmly and it engages okay, but I still feel a tug.

spuzzz123 | March 2, 2020

“ does in fact go from one side of the lane to the other.” oh wow then we are not talking about the same thing at all. I have not experienced this. Sounds like ping pong is the right terminology after all

lbowroom | March 2, 2020

If you're off center in the lane when you engage, of course its going to initially tug. I have experienced the oscillation, but the best I could estimate is 3-6" of actual travel but you can definitely feel it. Happens only when I'm in a center lane with cars on both sides.

chadw | March 2, 2020

@Brian, I picked up my LR M3 on Saturday, 2/29, and our also came with firmware 2019.35.108 3554e19. It has been parked in our garage much of the time with all WiFi bars filled, but I have not seen an update come through. I think this is something like 19 versions old? I did an online chat with Tesla today and all they had to say is, yep, your car is up to date. I mentioned that it is quite a few versions behind and they said it will get an update when the VIN comes up for an update. So, I basically made no progress with that support person. I'll give it a few more days on WiFi and I'll try the reboot others suggested. I'll post back here if mine gets a more recent software version. I would be curious if yours does as well.

wcvancamp | March 2, 2020

I've seen a few more comments from new owners who got that version (including me). I wonder if that's the version that most new cars are being delivered with, or we just hit the booby prize.

Delacruza | March 2, 2020

Here too! Picked up last Wednesday with 2019.35.108! Same issue: contacted Tesla and they responded with: “you have the latest version,” which is just absurd considering everyone else is on 2020.4.xx. Guess we just sit and wait.

RES IPSA | March 2, 2020

Others on the forum in past have mentioned that parking your car close to a service center and getting on their wifi can be a good way to get an OTA update

hokiegir1 | March 3, 2020

@chadw - Not sure how you counted 19 versions old, but 1) version numbers aren't sequential, so there's generally not a 2019.35, .36, .37, .38... They skip, and many times, it's by 4 since it's based on the week it's initially released (though that might be released as an in-house test). 2) Not every version is written for every model. There have been some that have gone only to 3s and some that have gone only to S/X. 3) New delivery versions often seem to be parallel releases with the same (or close to it) features but different numbers.

Oh Yeah | March 3, 2020

Welp, like others recently said, Tesla told me that my car is on the latest version "for my configuration". So my wheel, body, and interior color choices are part of the configuration? Maybe like @hokiegir1 said, the numbers aren't sequential, which makes absolutely no sense if Tesla would do that. I work in tech and have never of heard of using a random version number generator! My only guess is the "configuration" he was referring to was standard range vs long range vs performance, then that would kinda make sense. Who knows, maybe the developers are twisted and get a good laugh watching us trying to figure this stuff out.

wcvancamp | March 3, 2020

I think the other subsequent versions were 2019.36, 2019.40, and 2020.4. There were other features released on those versions that I don't believe were back ported to 2019.35.108, so I'm confused why that would be the "most recent version" for our cars.

Joshan | March 3, 2020

what feature do you think you should have that you are missing?

chadw | March 3, 2020

I came up with 19 versions by looking at the teslafi firmware tracker, but as hokiegir1 pointed out, those versions span models so I guess my M3 is not 19 versions behind. I'm not sure how far behind 2019.35.108 is. Anyhow, if anyone who recently purchased is on 2019.35.108 and you receive the update, I would love to hear about it.

St☰v☰ | March 3, 2020

I'm with you Brian995. While not too much ping ponging on the straight roads, the freeway I take to/from work has numerous jogs in the lanes due to CalTrans working on the sides and in the middle. Each time I hit a jog the PP'ing begins until the car finds its "groove" and the lane straightens out. Mine has actually PP'd until I hit the botsdots between the two lanes. Consequently, I no longer use it in any of the construction areas on the 405.

Interesting affect this morning on my way in to work. There's a 6% grade on the nearby toll road that I occasionally take and this morning there was a lot of traffic. Going up the grade between 20 mph and 30 mph with AP engaged, the car was surging in speed, and this was not due to cars in front slowing either.

jstnrhea | March 4, 2020

I also picked up my Tesla Model 3 on March 3, and my software is also 2019.35.108.

Frank99 | March 4, 2020

Hey Brian -
I'm a fellow Phoenician, and live near I-17/Thunderbird. Be more than happy to go driving with you some day, we can compare the two cars and see if yours is better or worse than mine (May 2018 LR RWD).

derotam | March 5, 2020

@chad: You are more like at 6 versions old, at most. Probably more like 4. Your car is only 6 days old and some people wait a couple weeks even before getting a newer version. I am going to guess that probably within 1 or 2 weeks from now you will get an update and that update will either be the current mass released one or the next one back, so right now it would be 2020.4.1, or 2020.40.50.7

Oh Yeah | March 5, 2020

I found another forum thread that makes sense why a new car gets delivered with old code.

G26okie wrote, "They most likely have stacks of MCUs in stock that have been loaded with whatever version of software was current at the time the MCU was made. Then some months go by and those MCUs find their way into a car on the line and get delivered. The car will update to the latest software within a few weeks after delivery."

Frank99 | March 5, 2020

More likely that the final test procedures at the end of the production line haven’t been updated to work with the latest released software (there are higher priorities than fixing things that ain’t broke), and there’s no step in the delivery process that says “step 37: force updates to latest software”.

You’ll get updated shortly; grin with what ya got.

Oh Yeah | March 11, 2020

I got the upgrade this last Sunday night and tried autopilot on the freeway these last couple of days and have noticed that the autosteer is different but not better. With the prior version, steering would what I called ping-pong back and forth within a lane, and it was especially noticeable when passing and being passed by other cars. Like it was trying to keep a safer distance from surrounding traffic. That made for a few harrowing commutes before I gave up and waited for a software update.

Now it still ping-pongs as it seems to be constantly slightly over correcting itself. The difference it doesn't seem to be relative to nearby vehicles, which seems worse because now I feel like it's randomly veering towards adjacent vehicles. Definitely acceptable for a teenager on their phone, but not for me.

I do notice compare to my previous car (a 2081 Ford Fusion Energi with Titanium trim level), my new one requires more attention to keep the car going straight. I'm guessing it has to do with the larger wheels and smaller tire sidewalls (17" vs 10"). So it makes me think that autosteer is struggling with the same thing I am.

I'll quit beating a dead horse, I just wanted to follow up to my original post so I can have some closure! :)

howard | March 11, 2020

EVRider | February 28, 2020
@brian995: Some owners have had luck getting service to push an update to their car, by scheduling a service appointment from the app and selecting software update.


I had an update fail in the middle and the service center forced another update to be sent when I called. The second time worked.

Joshan | March 11, 2020

I hopped into chat and they reset it for me and pushed the update. You do not need service centers, just ask in chat.

chadw | March 11, 2020

I'm guessing it depends on who you get on the other end of the chat session. The person I chatted with said they could not do it. The updated ended up coming through 9 days after I took delivery. Seems many people get the update within about 15 days.

Oh Yeah | March 12, 2020

I tried creating a service request and they said my car was on the current version for its specific configuration, then a few days later they pushed out 2020.8.1 that's been going around, so I think it's just their default answer to keep everyone from constantly creating requests every time a new version comes out.