software updates???

software updates???

Anyone have a software update appear on the screen today 4-27-13???

andrigtmiller | April 27, 2013

I updated to 4.4 last week. I have not seen anything since then.

tammilivingston | April 27, 2013

4.4 ?? Did this appear on your screen in model s?

andrigtmiller | April 27, 2013

Yes, it did appear on the screen,with a small clock icon to either update now, or schedule for later. The one thing I noticed is that it did not tell which version it was. I only saw the version information after it succeeded. It also failed to update about four nights in a row. It complained the 12 volt battery was too low. We have a very cold April with lots of snow, so I just assumed the the cold whether was having an affect. It succeeded when the weather finally warmed up. | April 27, 2013

I had the 4.4 update last week, and I think it's been going out for about 2-3 weeks (I was not the first). Seems normal to me - they don't update everyone at the same time. I'm not sure anyone (other than Tesla) knows how they pick the order of cars to be updated either.

Once the update completes, you'll get a screen that will show the update version and a list of significant changes/features.

Robert22 | April 27, 2013


Four failed attempts to update software is not normal or related to the cold weather. You need to have the service center address the known 12 volt battery problem earlier rather than later. Once it goes it's been a real headache for owners. Use to search the forum for 12-volt battery issues for more information. In the interim, reduce your amperage while charging overnight i.e. lengthen your charging time to provide the longest trickle charge for the 12-volt battery until you can get it replaced. Good luck!