A Solar City Story

A Solar City Story

I had a fantastic experience with Solar City after Hurricane Sandy that I thought might be of interest to the group. If you are considering doing business with the company, I highly recommend it.

Several months go, after I finalized my Model S configuration, Solar City contacted me to inquire if I needed a charger or NEMA outlet installed. I will skip the details, but suffice it to say they did a thorough job assessing my electrical system and obtained the necessary permits to install the NEMA 14-50 outlet I wanted. We scheduled installation for Nov. 1st. . . . Then Hurricaine Sandy hit.

The storm knocked down a large tree, which took out the power lines to my house and our neighbor's. Incidentally, the tree also took out a rental car I have been using while waiting for my Models S to arrive. Thank goodness the Tesla was not delivered on time! That is where it would have been parked.

Four days after the storm, JCPL restored power to the rest of our street. But they would not reconnect our power because the meters were pulled off of our houses by the tree. JCPL advised that we could not have power until we got a private electrician to fix the meters. Several hours later, Solar City arrived for the scheduled appointment. Joe Collins and his team from Solar City, when they learned of the situation, insisted on fixing our meter. When they overheard a private electrician attempting to extort $850 from our neighbor to do the same job, they stepped in and reattached her meter as well. My wife and our neighbor were lucky enough to flag down an Ohio Edison truck that repaired our lines and restored our power. Solar City refused to charge us (or our neighbor) for the substantial additional electrical work they performed. They refused to accept a tip. I cannot adequately express how grateful we are for the help they gave us. And they did a fantastic installation on the NEMA 14-50 as well. I am hoping to have a car charging in he driveway this weekend.

If you need assistance getting ready for your Model S, you should not look any further than Solar City.

stephen.pace | November 9, 2012

Great story!

Brian H | November 9, 2012

That needs to go to your local paper. Get your neighbor interviewed, too.

NJS1207 | November 10, 2012

@Brian H -- Great idea. Solar City in general, and Joe Collins and his team in particular, deserve as much credit as possible. I will definitely contact the local paper.

stevenmaifert | November 10, 2012

@NJS1207 - No complaints about SC. They did my solar pv installation. I am surprised though that you had to have the NEMA 14-50 permitted. I live in San Diego and I asked the electrician if my NEMA 14-50 had to be permitted. He said he could pull a permit if I wanted, but that it wasn't required. Chalk it up to the differences in municipal codes I guess.

NJS1207 | November 10, 2012

Every municipality is different, but you are lucky in SD. Permits are $$$$. Everything requires a permit here. The Borough was out to inspect the job earlier this week, and we passed. Solar City came back to be present for the inspection even though they did not have to.

Captain_Zap | November 10, 2012

Major Karma points!

Red Envelope 7826 | November 13, 2012

Elon tweeted this! :)

johnpreiner | November 13, 2012

Are there plans for solar city to open locations in Canada?

gMS | November 13, 2012

SC did a phenomenal job with my temporary NEMA 14-50 installation as well. I'm pretty sure it was the same (Cranbury, NJ) team. I too would not look any further than SolarCity for your charger!!!

Kal-el | November 13, 2012

just signed with SC, my wife was impress with the service. solar pv installation should be completed a few month before I get model s

PureAmps | November 13, 2012

Solar City just installed a NEMA 14-50 outlet in my garage today (SF Bay Area). The work was performed by a very friendly and professional crew and at a very good price. They showed up on time, got the job done quickly and even did a thorough job cleaning up after themselves. I think my garage was cleaner after they left.

Now all I need is a car to plug into the outlet...

Brian H | November 13, 2012

Aha! SC could really boost business by promising to clean any garage they did work in! ;)

PaulinaEm | November 16, 2012

Whoa, amazing people. Contact the local paper, definitely.

jerry3 | November 17, 2012

In my garage, that would set the bar pretty low :-)