Something I've noticed on Android App

Something I've noticed on Android App

Sometimes my phone (Samsung Note 2) wouldn't seem to connect to the car. It would show the little car icon with the arrow going around and around, and then nothing would happen. The menu button on the phone doesn't do anything. If you hit the "home" button, it leaves the app, but when you go back to the App, you don't get the red Tesla screen, and then it either won't connect to the car, or it takes forever.. If you hit the back arrow on the phone, it leaves the App, and then when you re-start the App, you get the red Tesla screen first, followed by a fast, reliable connection to the car. So, to quit the App properly, I think you need to hit the back arrow button on the phone, and not the home button. Took 3 weeks for me to figure this out. Hope this helps someone.

dirkhh | July 14, 2013

It appears that the app cannot switch from wifi to 3G/LTE and back. So if you start while connected via wifi and suddenly only have your radio data connection, you have to quit (and often even kill) the app and restart it for things to work again. And if you started on 3G/LTE and then join a wifi network, the same is true as well.

tobi_ger | July 14, 2013

Most likely due to changing of the IP address when changing from/to wifi (security related I think).