Sortie de veille impossible

Sortie de veille impossible

Pourquoi l'option connexion permanente n'est plus disponible dans les paramètres mobile ? De ce fait la voiture n'est plus joignable avec l'application .
De même l'auto s’éteint et ne reste pas en veille après un arrêt de 15min, se qui impose un délai de plusieurs secondes pour le redémarrage des systèmes à ma mise en route.
C'est très gênant

beech36 | June 10, 2018

sur ma 3ème modèle S livrée il y a deux jours.

inconel | June 10, 2018

Did you try a reset?
Also you don't need "connexion permanente" to connect to your car via the app, without always on it will just be slower each time to connect.

jlbayindirli | June 10, 2018

I recently experienced the same issues (Mfg. 02/2017 Model 100D). Indeed very annoying! The reset did not work for me. I went to my service center and they did some force updates that took care of the problems.

Marc | January 12, 2019

Mon Modèle S, tout ne trouve pas la psition " Economie d'energie" sur l'écran de la voiture...
Sur lâpplication Mobile ( inutilisable pour le moment) vient s'afficher sortie de dure 2 minutes et erreur de transmission...

Scorpyo | January 12, 2019

This happened a few times to me when the car is parked just at the edge of the WiFi network. It’s basically in between WiFi and LTE. Also at a mall supercharger where the LTE network is terrible, some spot didn’t have any network so the app would not establish the connection.

I also had the issue when the MCU wouldn’t start once in the car, my service center said to disable energy saving mode specially in cold weather because the car sometimes goes into deep sleep and might have a hard time waking up and re establishing all connections.. Also I noticed that as soon as I disconnect all USB ports the MCU would turn on.

RanjitC | January 12, 2019

Sounds like Supertramp in Paris Breakfast in America