Sound Comparison - PWS vs Non-PWS Model 3

Sound Comparison - PWS vs Non-PWS Model 3

You may have seen my recent video on PWS (Pedestrian Warning System) which wasn't very organized or planned out - kinda long and wordy. In the comments people asked for additional tests such as higher speeds, inside the vehicle with windows up, etc. This new shorter video has zero talking and compares a Model 3 with PWS to a Model 3 without PWS at various speeds in forward and reverse. It also does the same comparisons from inside the car with the windows up and AC off. Hopefully this helps some of you guys out because I know those of you waiting for cars are concerned about this. It's not very noticeable from inside the car, but can be heard from a distance on the outside. Here's the video:

PWS or not, the car is AMAZING and we're thrilled to finally own a Tesla!!

M3phan | September 21, 2019

1. This is a much more helpful video, thank you!
2. Oh my gosh! That forwards sound on the outside is absolutely horrible! Sounds like the brakes are shot, all that scrapy sound. Why oh why couldn’t Tesla have come up with a more pleasing sound? I’m dumbfounded.
3. So glad I have a July 2018 M3
4. Your first video wasn’t too bad, it let us connect with you as a real person. A bit wordy yes and repetitive yes, but not bad.

radean84 | September 21, 2019

@M3phan Yeah, the forward sound at 19 mph is surprisingly loud. Many have commented that it sounds like something is broken or dragging on the ground. Thanks for the feedback and enjoy your silent M3!!

Wilber | September 21, 2019

Can you please tell us where the microphone is that you are recording with? Especially when recording from outside the car. The noisiness of the car without PWS going forward at 5mph sounds like the microphone must be mounted right on the front of the car since it seems louder than what i notice when M3s drive by me. Also, can you do a recording from inside the car with both driver and front passenger windows down about half way? (or something similar) When i start up and drive slowly out of the neighborhood i typically open both windows about half way just to get a little fresh air.

M3phan | September 22, 2019

I know it’s not but the forward sound comes off like government or big oil sabotage on the beauty of a quiet car. Hopefully Tesla will modify that racket to at least something that doesn’t sound broken.

wiboater4 | September 22, 2019

Should make it so it only enables when a pedestrian is detected by the car within a certain range.

paulsurette71 | September 22, 2019

Has anyone taken ownership of the M3 is Canada after September 1st? I'm hoping this isn't on my yet-to-be delivered M3. Thanks.

Anyone know how to see other topics I've commented on or created? Seems like it's not possible.

rfmarr | September 22, 2019

Hopefully Tesla will provide some customization options for the sounds. If I’m going to be required to make noise by law then I want an obnoxious big block rumble or diesel “crack”. And for reverse a back up beeper.

rfmarr | September 22, 2019

Or maybe the ludicrous or falcon heavy fart when shifting into drive or reverse.

radean84 | September 22, 2019

@paulsurette71 Not sure about Canada. Let us know what happens with yours! You can use Google to search the forum for your own username to see what you've posted. In the Google search box, type searchtextgoeshere

daniel.miller196 | September 23, 2019

Great videos bro! This sound is the reason I’m considering buying a used Tesla M3. Has anyone figured out how to disable it on one made post sept 1st?

M3phan | September 23, 2019

@RADEAN84, not sure if you’re comfortable doing this but would you consider disconnecting the speaker to see if (1) it’s easy to disconnect, and (2) you get any warning on the car screen?

nbahmadi | September 23, 2019

I have a 3 with the new people warning sounds...the idea is great! However the volume of the forward sound could be way louder. Reverse seems loud enough. Anyone know how to increase the volume?

eztider | September 23, 2019

Nice job on the video.

Resist | September 23, 2019

I was pleasantly surprised that person the forward sound isn't as loud as in the video. I could live with it.

Resist | September 23, 2019

That "in" person.

This forum needs an edit function!

spuzzz123 | September 24, 2019

I think Elon was right about appreciating assets. My 2018 w/o PWS just appreciated a touch

frockaloid | September 24, 2019

If you don't like the sound of the PWS, you can always apply some duct tape over the speaker. Obviously, its a safety feature, so if you hit a pedestrian its pretty much on you - or at least thats what their lawyer will argue. Unless there is a law in your area requiring you to have such a system. Isn't in mine... just a law requiring vehicle manufacturers to provide it.
(Trolls: flame me all you want, I like it)

Resist | September 24, 2019

I totally believe pedestrians will still get hit at low speeds even with the PWS, because they can't take their eyes off their phones when crossing the street.

Optomyzt | September 26, 2019

M3 with PWS owner here. My August order was delayed until September, which made me go from a non-PWS M3 to one with PWS. I was not thrilled about it at all and was thinking about getting an inventory model made in August instead with my non-preferred color choices, but in the end decided to stick with my preferred color choice and get one with PWS. I am glad I did!

I must say that I am quite happy about the PWS noise maker! You can't hear the noise when in Drive with the windows up, and only barely with the windows down but mostly the tire and wind noise drown it out. You can hear the reverse noise, but it sounds pretty cool, like a UFO. I actually like the noise because it works! I live in a community with many families with kids, and it's great to back out of my garage knowing any kids nearby can hear the car. With my Model S, I had to be extra vigilant and a few times stop the car, roll down the window and ask the kids to move out of the way, since they didn't even notice the car. I am also more confident when driving in a shopping center parking lot that some pedestrian won't emerge from between two cars and walk in front of me since they didn't hear me. This has happened many times in my Model S. No more worries now! And I must say again, the reverse noise is pretty darn cool!

So anyone worried about the noise on your Model 3-- don't! It's not bad at all and has definitely grown on me. I went from someone who vehemently hated the idea to someone who prefers it.

M3phan | September 26, 2019

You didn’t just toot a gentle honk at people who didn’t hear you come up?

ODWms | September 27, 2019

Snip, snip.

ODWms | September 27, 2019

Then again, not even a snip. Just a pull:

stefan.konijnenberg | November 21, 2019

I’ll remove the speaker connector! What a joke.. not telling me this when they sell the car.. it’s way to loud!

lazycool | January 9, 2020

The reverse noise is so loud. My neighbors can hear it while inside their house. Let us adjust the volume. This is stupid.

Scrannel | January 9, 2020

Mine is soft as a purring kitten... driving a UFO. But NOT loud.