SpaceX beats Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos) for Space Shuttle launch pad

SpaceX beats Blue Origin (Jeff Bezos) for Space Shuttle launch pad

Brian H | December 12, 2013

Not yet:

In response to the AFP, the agency received two timely proposals by the July 5, 2013, deadline for their submission, one from the protester and one from Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX). The agency currently is in the process of evaluating those proposals, and has not yet announced any conclusions.

Blue Origin tried to have SpaceX disqualified because it applied for sole-user rights.

Cattledog | December 13, 2013

Sure smells like claims, counter-claims, and lots of money to lawyers. Too bad.

ArieK | December 14, 2013

On the evening of 12 dec. the GAO announced the above decision. Until this decision was made, NASA wasn't allowed to make a decision but did continue evaluating both proposals by Spacex and Blue Origin. On the thirteenth NASA made the decision to award the contract to SpaceX.
Read this in the article on from the 13th.

Brian H | December 15, 2013

Next door will be 39B, where SLS will launch. Maybe. Someday.

ArieK | December 16, 2013

Imagine that!!! A Falcon Heavy next to the SLS.
That will be like putting a Model S next to a Fisker Karma.
Tomorrow's tech next to yesterday's :-)

risingsun | December 29, 2013

Cancel the SLS already NASA!!!

Brian H | December 29, 2013

Congress will probably do that. To fund some social justice program or other.

Mel. | January 7, 2014

Launch successful fro Cape Canaveral at 5:06 eastern