Spare charger cable in the car

Spare charger cable in the car

Now that I have driven 90 miles with the new car, some questions emerge. Since I semi-permanent installed the mobile charger cable in my garage, I don't want to remove it and reinstall it for each long trip. So I need a charger cable in my car. Question: Is there a compatible charger cable on the market that I can buy or do I have to order one from Tesla (they don't have any right now)? Thank you.

WSE51 | December 5, 2012

Are you sure you need another cable? Remember that public charging stations (Chargepoint, etc) have their own cables and you just need the small adapter that came with your Model S. Of course if you plan on recharging on 120 Volt at private homes, then you need a cable.

Sudre_ | December 5, 2012

Order it from Tesla. The plug that goes into the car is all theirs.

tvntesla | December 5, 2012

Yes, I am thinking of charging from a home on the road, for example visiting relatives in San Diego. I would like to try to charge the car from their dryer plug. Or if I charge the car in an RV park, I will need to provide my own cable.

stevenmaifert | December 5, 2012

tvntesla - A spare mobile connector for the Roadster is $1,500.00. When Tesla makes them available for Model S, I suspect they will be similarly priced as they have about the same power handling capability. If you're going to be traveling a lot it might be worth it to you. I live in San Diego. Still waiting on the Model S, but we also bought a Leaf in Oct. San Diego was the beneficiary of a lot of DOE grant money and I can tell you there are Level 2 J1772 chargers all over this town. Get yourself a Blink and a ChargePoint card and "come on down". Bring the adapter :)

Babyrocket | December 5, 2012

If a spare charging cable is $1,500, wouldn't you be better off getting the high power wall charger for your garage ($1,200) and keeping your cable in the car?

mrspaghetti | December 5, 2012

Have you done something to make it difficult to unplug from your garage outlet? Because unless you take a whole lot of overnight road trips it seems like overkill to have a second charging cable.

joepruitt | December 5, 2012

I got a quote of $1800 for a second charging cable for my Model-S. I decided to wait a while on that as I thought that was way too much to spend on another cable.

joepruitt | December 5, 2012

Hmmm, I wonder if I could just plug the HPWC into my Nema 14-50 plug I've got in the garage. That would definitely be cheaper than a second cable.

Chuck Lusin | December 5, 2012

I remember someone saying that the mobile adaptor was only $500. If it is $1,500, I would get the HPWC.

Chuck Lusin | December 5, 2012

The Roadster has a "Spare Connector" here: Something like this at 120V and 15A could be used to keep the car battery topped off for long term parking. Since it is a much smaller gauge that the standard cable, something like $200?