Specs on Frunk?

Specs on Frunk?

I saw someone mention in a post that they might get a folding bicycle to carry in the frunk. The Frunk is pretty big and there are some full size bikes that actually collapse or fold. I'm not personally interested in fold-up bikes with tiny wheels but full-size in the frunk would be cool.

Has anyone measured or seen specs on the shape of the 5.3 cubic feet up front?

dbbtex | September 9, 2012

One more data point: Montague makes both road and mountain bikes that fold. 26" wheels.

Dimensions folded: Folded Size: 36"x28"x12"

Will it fit in the frunk??

Timo | September 9, 2012

If not then it is d*mn close. Apparently spare tire fits into trunk, but hood wont close, so it is tight in vertical dimension. From those dimensions you posted it looks like that would be restriction (even performance tire width is just 9.65 inches). However, it could still fit in if that 12" is at right position (closer to rear). Or not, I don't know. That 36" is also tight fit. It's close enough that I don't think anyone here can say it straight away, you would need to test that.

Cirion | September 10, 2012
Brian H | September 10, 2012

Max dimension about 30". But ...
"The Gocycle online store ships products within the United Kingdom only."

Rod and Barbara | September 10, 2012

Made some measurements of the frunk of our car. If you want to use the widest expanse (side to side) of the frunk, the open space is approximately 28” x 14” x 11”. If you want to use the longest length (front to back) available, the open space is approximately 19” x 39” x 9”. Note, that the height measurement (11” or 9”) is a bit of a guess.

nickjhowe | September 10, 2012

If you want to drop some serious coin but have something that truly complements the Model S, try the iF Mode (looks like it will JUST fit in the Frunk) or the Yike Bike Both are over $2k, but very cool.

dbbtex | September 11, 2012

Thanks All. Looks like I'll still need to look for a rear hitch (EcoHitch online apparently is working on one and has one for the roadster already, somehow with no drilling) or the suction cups on the glass someone found. Or I could put it in the back with the seat down but that inevitably is hard on the interior and I want to protect it if possible. Not interested in the pano roof (in Dallas) and a bit frustrated that takes away the roof mounting points.

Timo | September 11, 2012

Even if it doesn't fit into frunk it most definitely fits into trunk without folding seats. You can probably fit something like ten of those into trunk without folding seats, twenty with folded seats. If you are concerned about trunk lining then put some mattress or something in it before putting your bike on top of it.

mmmoore | March 22, 2015

Has anyone measured the usable area in a S85D yet?

I'm considering a new suite case and need for it to fit up front.

cquail | March 22, 2015

I have an Origin 8 fold up bike. It does not fit in the Frunk of an S85.

mmmoore | March 22, 2015

My car is in transit and I can measure on arrival, I just couldn't find the inside dimensions anywhere.

Brian H | March 22, 2015

Is a suite case bigger than a suit case?

Bob.Calvo | March 23, 2015

Definitetely if #1or 4 but not necessarily if #2, 3, or 5. ;-)

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Bob.Calvo | March 26, 2015

Is anybody willing to post their email address so that I can forward a picture of the 85D frunk with dimensions? I don't have, Flikr, Drop Box or whatever to upload the picture. I got this info from my Delivery Specialist when I asked if the front trunk box organizer would still fit in the smaller frunk. He advised against it because he saw someone try and it was putting upward pressure on the latch.

The remaining frunk space is not a simple rectangle.
The flat bottom seems to be about 26.5"x13.5" while the height is 14" at the back but tapers to 9" at the front. Beyond that, there are two elevated spots on the sides (over the wheel wells?) that are 8.5" high by 5" wide (depth was missing on these two smaller spaces)

I hope that this helps.

Brian H | March 26, 2015

Use tinypic. It takes only a few seconds use.

Brian H | March 26, 2015

edit: a few seconds to use.