Spotify - Only for car with Premium

Spotify - Only for car with Premium

Really sucks that the music streaming and web browser is only available in Model 3 cars with premium. Now Spotify is coming to Tesla cars, they will only be available on M3 with premium.

Tesla please fix this, so the cars without premuim can enjoy the technology.

KAM6 | August 16, 2019


sixstring09 | August 16, 2019

You want premium without paying for premium??

This does not compute.

wasabi5858 | August 16, 2019

Tesla, while you are at it, please, live traffic display and satellite view so those of us who did not pay for premium trim can also enjoy the tech.

vmulla | August 16, 2019

Will Spotify be available for folks who bought the car early and did not pay for premium features? Folks like me are currently enjoying the full benefits of premium without paying for it.

jjgunn | August 16, 2019

Jeezus eff.

How can I get everything for nothing......FML, SMH

vmulla | August 16, 2019

I'm getting it now, will I continue to get it? It's a legit question.
Tesla is known to give a perks to loyal customers, you don't know if you don't ask.

raqball | August 16, 2019

I'd be willing to pay for premium connectivity on a monthly, yearly or as a one time lifetime payment for the service..

I personally don't think nor expect Tesla to give me anything fro free but I would like the option to buy premium connectivity services...

lilbean | August 16, 2019

Again, entitlement and wanting something for nothing.
Hey, why won't Tesla just give me a free upgrade to a premium car?

carlk | August 16, 2019

What else you want Tesla to fix for you? Add another motor? Bump range to 310? Make 0-60 3.3 second? Make the the cabin as roomy as the X? You know what Tesla have a way to fix that for you.

Buzzkill | August 16, 2019

Tesla did say premium connectivity was included for one year on Premium trims. After that it was $100 per year. As far as I know, no one is being asked to pay to continue Premium Connectivity.

Question: Anyone that has a premium trim Model 3 and you have owned if for over a year are you willing to pay $100 per year to continue with Premium Connectivity? Or will you simply opt to Bluetooth from your phones?

M3phan | August 16, 2019

“All Tesla cars ordered on or before June 30, 2018 will continue to have access to their existing Premium Connectivity features at no cost for as long as the car is active.“

M3phan | August 16, 2019

I ordered before the above date, therefore premium connectivity features will always be free in the car.

M3phan | August 16, 2019

If that ever changed or if I buy another Tesla, I would be happy to pay for premium connectivity.

GODOFTHUNDER | August 16, 2019

So can someone explain, slacker plays pretty much any song I want to hear, then why exactly do I want spotify??

vmulla | August 16, 2019

This wouldn't be an *existing* premium connectivity feature. Thanks for the info.
Also, the text suggests that if we were to change the plan the old plan benefits would expire.

dmastro | August 16, 2019

@THOR: You don't want Spotify.

Jodi3734 | August 16, 2019

Those of us with SR+ just would like the option of upgrading or paying a subscription. I didn’t order my car on-line. I went to a store and that wasn’t explained to me. I know it’s my own fault for not doing the research to back it up. We’d just like the option to upgrade. Changing XM stations on my phone is dangerous and actually illegal now in the state I live in.

82bert | August 16, 2019

I will gladly pay $100/year for what I currently get with premium connectivity.

rxlawdude | August 16, 2019

@dmastro, all the US people have been jonesing for Spotify to replace Slacker, but I believe the grass is always greener on the other side of the pond.

ahostmadsen | August 16, 2019

Yes, I wish there were a way to upgrade to premium connectivity, for a fee. Like you can upgrade autopilot. With an SR+ partial premium interior was the only option.

dmastro | August 16, 2019

@ rxlawdude: I'm in the Spotify camp, but I'd like it to be additive... not replacing anything. In fact I'd love to see Tesla open up installation of more apps so people can use Pandora, Apple Music, and other apps of their choice. I'd also welcome an MLB At Bat app so I can control it from the car instead of my phone.

Luna620 | August 16, 2019

I almost switched my SR+ to LR RWD the night before my delivery date. Couldn’t justify the addl $6k. Long range is nice but you can always charge. With 200 mile range for full charge, I’ll surely would need to stop for a break from driving 3+ hours straight. 1 year Premium connectivity is not gonna tip the scale for me to shell out another $6k. Was not able to justify the cost.

Tesla said that it will offer Premium Connectivity for $100 a year for all new model 3a including SR. If the only way to get youtube is to have Premium Connectivity, I’ll subscribe. But if it only has things for what is being offered now. I don’t know. I don’t see anything that I can use if I subscribe. I’ll pass.

You can always stream spotify via phone. I dont know what’s the big deal about adding it in prem con.

Johnnyo1980 | September 26, 2019

“Will there be a trial period for Premium Connectivity?
For all Model S and Model X cars ordered on or after July 1, 2018, Premium Connectivity will be complimentary for one year after delivery, as well as all Model 3 cars with Premium Interior. After the complimentary period ends, Standard Connectivity will be available for all cars at no cost, and Premium Connectivity will be available for purchase via the in-car touchscreen. Connectivity plans for Model 3 without Premium Interior will be announced later this year.”

LostInTx | September 27, 2019

I upgraded to Spotify Premium yesterday for my newly installed V10 and so far, loving it. I can still switch seamlessly between Spotify and Slacker by simply referencing listening history.

At first listen, Spotify seems to provide a bit more dynamic range than Slacker - perhaps it's streaming at something higher than Slacker's 96 kbps.

wayne | September 27, 2019

I have premium connectivity and I do not see a Spotify option under “streaming”. There is a “sign into Slacker” button at the bottom. Do I have to wait for V10 or am I missing something?

andrewlee05 | September 27, 2019

Wait until you have V10.

Josephc618 | September 30, 2019

Tesla’s Spotify only works for users with Spotify premium subscription. I have Spotify basic, I’d wished I can log in and listen to music with ads.

bddaughe | September 30, 2019

I agree Joseph, I found it a little odd that they only allow Spotify premium.

bjrosen | September 30, 2019

It also requires a premium Spotify account, I have zero interest in paying for yet another streaming account, I already have Pandora and Amazon Music. Tesla please add Pandora support.

vishious911 | September 30, 2019

We technically don't need an infinite list of every streaming music apps.
If only, Tesla allows us to wire our phones into the USB outlet, then we can play our own music
1) with whatever apps we want
2) with whatever bitrate we want
3) use our own LTE connectivity

bjrosen | September 30, 2019

vishious911@ You mean Android Auto, that would make a huge difference and it would also solve the lousy navigation problems. If all you want to do is play music from your phone you can do that with Bluetooth, that works fine. Use OK Google to to give commands to Pandora or whatever you use and it streams to the car. The user interface for streaming phone apps is more limited than what you get with either the built in Slacker app or with Android Auto, basically all you get is the ability to skip from the screen but no ability to change a channel or do a thumbs up or down, however the voice input to the phone allows you to control the app or switch apps so it's not that bad.

vishious911 | September 30, 2019

I've tried Android Auto on an Audi. As a Software Engineer, I for the life of me, couldn't figure out how to make it work as intended. Besides, I don't want to give my Android (Google) way too much info than I want to.

I'm not saying Android Auto shouldn't exist. It definitely should if people want it. I just want to hook in my whatever phone into the USB and play songs

PS: Tesla's v10 notes show they finally made Bluetooth sampling rate improvements. It used to suck for the past year.

bjrosen | September 30, 2019

vishious911@ I've found that the sound quality with Bluetooth to be just as good as the built in Slacker, give it a try. I've been using Pandora over Bluetooth, Pandora's algorithms work, Slacker's are just awful.

vishious911 | September 30, 2019

@bjrosen: I have, for over a year. I even mucked around with the internal Bluetooth developer settings on Android. There have been extensive threads on how the sampling rate was nerfed, and it was yielding subpar quality. Granted recent versions have started to sound just a bit better. Or maybe I unfortunately have "sensitive" hearing.

Slacker is the worst. Today's hits are playing hits from a year ago. What?! And it doesn't have a diverse set of recommendations either (dithering). Maybe because they have a smaller library.

kc4129 | September 30, 2019

Can I still voice activate a song with Spotify like I used to with Slacker?