Squeaky steering wheel at very low speeds

Squeaky steering wheel at very low speeds


I just received delivery on my Model 3, and when I'm turning the steering wheel at very low speeds, there's a very audible squeaking sound when the wheel is at the 12 o'clock position. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, did a trip to the Service Center resolve it?


orasje | February 21, 2019

This problem was discussed earlier in this forum. It happens to my car only when is very cold (less than 30 - 35F). The technician came to my place and replaced the Clock Spring

it worked for a while but again when it too cold the squeaking sound is back. Someone posted on the forum that there is a Rubber Grommet further down on the steering column that need more oil, but I have not luck to have the technician check for this.

keydel | February 21, 2019

Thank you, orasje. I wish there were search function for the forum!

spuzzz123 | February 21, 2019

@keydel its a workaround, but this works fine. Go to google. Type: squeaky steering wheel

and search...

zirak25 | February 21, 2019

This issue happened for me, and has been resolved by Tesla Service Center by replacing the entire electric steering shaft. My steering seems stiffer and more sporty now too (I always keep it in sport mode). I have a May 2018 build RWD.

andrewsjra | February 21, 2019

For me it wasn’t the steering module. The first SC I visited replaced it. The issue ended up being the rubber grommet below the steering wheel. It wasn’t sitting right inside and was rubbing against something when turning at low speeds. It took 5 visits to figure this out but glad to say it’s gone.

rand889 | June 19, 2019

i have the same issue and sc replaced the steering module. i'll go back and let them know about the rubber grommet below the steering wheel.

Jtwo | June 20, 2019

This also happened to me. Took it to the SC and the tech seemed to know what it was and they fixed it. They never told me what caused it.